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Be surprised Seco seven, but, you know, they the Bruins came out a little sluggish. They've been offer almost two weeks. I think that the brute the blues let him off the hook for whatever reason button. Great. Great game too, so, yeah, go back to Saint Louis tight. Yep. Yep. Now, if they could to take to Saint Louis maybe it goes six games. I don't know. But. So, yeah, good series tough series. It's going to be, I think a long grinding series fourth line for Boston man that, that's we've said sore. Yeah. Right. Did you hear the story about Carl Gunnarsson who scored the winning goal for the blues and overtime last night? No. So with, like less than three minutes. He was that tell me Birdman I'm gonna tell you right now. The Bucker so he he hit the post with with less than three minutes left in the game. He hit the run one off the of the iron, brother. And so we're no overtime. And the story goes that. Craig Baru BEI, who's the head coach was at the urinal in the locker room and Carl Gunnarsson comes up is also using the urinal, and I guess they look over at each other, and gunnison says the coach I just need one more shot. And I'll get it or something to that effect. And he's at all right? And then when he put him out there, like there was four minutes and overtime, the next shot, he scored, which was pretty hilarious. See, but those kinda stories man. Those are the type of stories that Stanley Cup champions usually have right. I'm just going to say that. So. Maybe taking a piss, we'll signify. Lose

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