UK's May quits as party leader


Today to resume steps down as leader of the conservative party. But she'll stay on as prime minister until a successor is chosen the contest to replace her begins, formerly on the tenth of June, the unofficial jostling for position has been ongoing for some time MP's will select a shortlist of two and then members of the party will choose which of them will be the next leader. Well, we'll find out how the technical side of that works in a moment with Terry STI estimate. But first, we have Matthew Perez on the line, the political journalist, broadcaster and former conservative party member of parliament must be thanks very much for joining us. This field of candidates has shrunk slightly, but it's still pretty unwieldy, and we may yet see more people throw their hat into the ring will this race be decided on how the candidates proposed to deal with Brexit. Yes. Definitely will you're right. They the field is incredibly large, but it is going to shrink and it'll shrink quite fast. I think starting starting in the next day or two on nominations close on Monday for for for for the race. And once omens of closed no one else can join, and anyone who hasn't got five percent. Well, anyone who actually anyone who hasn't got eight conservative MP, supporting them is out automatically, so they don't even enter the race so to speak. And then for the first round, you gotta get five percents of the second round ten percent. So the be the consequence of all that is that the field will very rapidly shrink down to three or four and we know pretty well who they're going to be. For all of them. The question will be Brexit. I mean Michael gov bars. Johnson who who the other couple that you think are serious contenders for this, then Jeremy hunt is serious contender Dominic Robb, who is the even more Brexit city than than Boris Johnson. So the Brexit side is, is, is Dominic Robb is most Brexit Boris Johnson is pretty Brexit. Joe Jeremy hunt is sort of in the middle. And Michael g-o-v is the only one to say that we don't necessarily have to leave on the thirty first of all, Tober, and that he would ask for an extension if we hadn't done a deal he'll says that he'd keep an ideal under the table. What does that mean? What he's trying to indicate. I think is is that he he wants? He wants if we if we can't get a deal we have to leave, but he doesn't want to go on about it, and it isn't what he wants to happen. And he really wants to get a deal it, it's all. Associates, strange language now with the conservatives and nobody does say that we, we weren't necessarily won't leave unless we, we get a deal. No one does say that any longer. They all say that. We're definitely going to leave. So it's only a matter of indicating just how enthusiastic they ought to get a deal or just how ready they are to leave without a deal. Well, Dominic Robb wants to prorogued parliament to force through a new deal exit. I mean this is being hailed as undemocratic. And this absolute horror that it would then involve the Queen in the row. Yes, he hasn't said he wants to, but he said he'd be prepared to. And it, it is a pretty appalling idea. You can just about justify Endre, unwritten constitution. If parliament has been paroled, which is to say it isn't sitting then, the executive, the government can do more or less what it likes. That's what our constitution says.

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