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There was a landmark gay rights ruling in Botswana today, the high court they're reversed a colonial era law that criminalized same sex relations, the punishment was prison for up to seven years. Homosexuality had been illegal in Botswana since the late eighteen hundreds when it was under British rule, and overall, we should mention that more than thirty countries on the continent of Africa have laws that outlaw gay sex as of today that no longer includes Botswana following a unanimous decision by the three judge panel, which sparked celebrations outside the courtroom and the capital Gaborone. Really Cody is a gay rights activist in Botswana, and he was at the court during the ruling. We went in silently, 'cause we mostly just just confused Wendling, what the ruling is gonna be always just going through mixed emotions. I mean, it's just been lounging, honestly, we walked in arrest such a long session, I think, for about three hours in the s the Jesuits repeating the that the judgment and finally at the end when he just said it out announcing that indeed same sex. Conduct was decriminalised. We just shocked excited were hiking one with screaming just a very exciting dreadful thing with nece were. There are a lot of people in the courtroom the caught was picked. I mean, it was initially meant to be in one courtroom than that. Having to open the. Him in between just so they could also get extra sitting on the courtroom. So I mean you can just imagine how many people wait they've altogether. It's, it's interesting. The judge was quite was quite definitive in his judgment. He said, human dignity is harmed when minority groups are marginalized. He labeled laws banning gay sex as discriminatory, and he said, sexual orientation is not a fashion statement. It's an important attribute of one's personality. What was it like to hear that for me to hear such with being a tight? It made me feel so valued it felt as if I just bumped into my best love, and they just consist that love to me, you know, had like that moment, where you feel so special that women will you office. I didn't realize that they do need it. When this that fighting for equality. They wanna see quality. They wanna see all these ads aspects through head can now tell me about this law that has just been dropped its colonial. Law. And what did it say exactly? So in this case, the constitution wasn't really against same sex people being in a relationship, but what they were being against was those people being in relationship and heading six when you look at the continent of Africa as a whole how big of a deal is this at such a great deal? I don't wanna lie. It feels good to be amongst the countries that actually do at knowledge as homosexuals in acknowledge that indeed homosexuals wants to partake insig- trial conduct. Let's say it is a great deal in, in the neighboring countries around Botswana. Where are they on this issue? I know ongoing LA, but sauna, South Africa and was, I'm beak that countries that actually have decriminalized same sex conduct and then take a country like nine media way. They actually the law, actually. Is nothing. By the end of the day, went I think I can kick up from it is just how liberal the are that one thing that would make me one visit them to get less of me, not knowing where these than I I'm curious in Botswana has the activism around repealing that law hasn't been mostly gay men or also gay women.

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