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John Middlebrook is a vice president of General Motors on the general manager of the Pontiac motor division. Great to see her today. SP here Eli, it's been at great, turn out this weekend. No, I was talking to some of the, the drivers in the garage. And these fellas make a lot of appearances as you know, all across the country, it really got him going to visit the Pontiac employee's, the plant the other day, you had all your drivers up Pontiac, and that really made an impression on these fellas. Dad did is great for our team up there to, to get the meat to drivers and for them to see all the support. They got from the Pontiac people. Do the employees take a fairly active approach to following Winston Cup race today. Check the box scores and watch and listen and so on here we ported in our company newspaper, every Monday, and we've got eight busloads up here at the race had super Pontiac Nova talking to a lot of your dealers across the country. They've had a great number of months here. Now the. A

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