Kentucky Derby winner appeal rejected by racing commission


The Kentucky horse racing commission denied the appeal of excellent securities disqualifications Kentucky Derby winner friend or ferrets saying the steward's decision is not subject to appeal. Meanwhile, Gary west is not happy about much of anything among us complaints. Now, he doesn't like the big fields that have been commonplace in the derby shouldn't have twenty horses in the Kentucky Derby Churchill Downs because they're a greedy organization has rather than fourteen. Like, you have been the Kentucky oaks Breeders Cup every other race in America. Just because they can make more money. They're willing to risk horses lives in people's lives to do that. Well, first off Churchill Downs doesn't get paid per horse. The 20-horse fields have long been a topic of conversation. But that's part of what makes the Kentucky Derby, the unique challenge that it is west says he will not run maximum security in the Preakness thing. There's no need to since. There's no chance to compete for a triple crown as for the Preakness derby winner country house appears to. We ready to go Bill mutt? Still holding off on that to be certain among others considered likely runner-up code of honor fourth place. Finisher improbable some of the place finisher war of will and number thirteen voting express and about seven or eight others giving strong considerations entering the Preakness in

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