News in Brief 1 May 2019

UN News


This is news in brief from the United Nations. The UN agency mandated with protecting sexual and reproductive health or UNFPA turned fifty these weeks celebrating its role saving millions of women's lives in protecting their futures in a video message to Mark this milestone secretary General Antonio tales congratulated UNFPA on its work improving the wellbeing of people around the world warning that today the world needs UNFPA more than ever your efforts have been particularly instrumental in enabling women and couples to access the sexual and reproductive health care, they need he said in in preventing gender-based violence, tackling female genital mutilation in child marriage practices. UNFPA supports reproductive health care for women in use in more than one hundred fifty countries home to more than eighty percent of the world's population briefing, the UN Security Council the UN peacekeeping chief said on Tuesday that United Nations Security force for ABI known by the acronym. Unicef remains essential. To stability into disputed border region between Sudan and south Sudan JEM alachua proposed. The creation of civilian unit to support progress towards a political resolution and requested a six months extension of UNICEF as mandate this modest shift in the missions role is necessary to match the reality on the ground. He added explaining that a civilian competent with enable the mission to support the party's the African Union high level implemention panel in the African Union Commission to provide daily solutions stressing that while the situation generally remains calm amid efforts by the Dinka in Missouri communities to preserve peace through dialogue, Sudan, south Sudan. If made no progress on the issue of ABI, actor and director, Ben Stiller, testified on humanitarian impact of the eight year war in Syria on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Wednesday. The brutal conflict has displaced over five point six million people since two thousand eleven the Hollywood star. Appeared before the United States Senate foreign relations committee in his capacity as goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency or UNHCR highlighting the desperate circumstances faced by Syrian families. He had met in refugee camps. You reminded US politicians that behind the numbers. There are real stories in real people. Mr. Steeler shared the story of Syrian twins resin and yet Zan who left Syria when they were four months old eight years later has an works selling vegetables in Lebanon to help his family make ends meet. We all want the same things to see how children grew up and achieve their dreams. He added Syria accounts for the world's largest number of forcibly displaced people. According to NHCD are Mrs Stihler has traveled on mission to Guatemala, Germany, and Jordan to meet with refugees who have fled their war-torn homes and a carbon UN news.

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