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So I think if you're going to do another Woodstock fuck it. Yeah. Just do shit show on purpose. Yeah. Too many losses. Twenty nine hundred can't do the same shit. They did nineteen sixty nine fifty years is changed this country. A lot. Gene think so. Definitely couldn't get away with that thing. No magic the pictures that on social media now. I mean think about it from ninety nine to now. How different it is. Yeah. You know, the internet wasn't really. I mean, it was a thing and people were on AL and shit like that. But you didn't have social media like these instance news stories like what happened with fire festival, and this is even what two years after fire festival, so how it would have been some shit. And actually, we're they have that actually could have been interesting because I'm not sure how good the cellphone services in that neck of the woods 'cause it's really in the middle of nowhere. I think that's in Rome, New York, right? Where that was going to be. Yeah. I guess it's a good thing that they're canceling. It was

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