Massive explosion damages mall in Florida, injures at least 20


Authorities are combing through the debris after an explosion today at a mall in plantation Florida this man named Raleigh was at an LA fitness gym located just across the street from the sight of blood when I went out right on it's like a war zone the blast he says was strong enough to blow in the windows of the gym people were still in stock and crying and screaming very confused everyone was rushed some people were rushing out the door the city's fire department is reporting at least twenty people were hurt at least two of them seriously injured A. B. C.'s Roy Romer's on the scene right now there are no reported fatalities but there are several injuries we're told that several people have been transported the hospital right now will work together more information as to how this explosion started now in stable firefighter short time ago he did tell me that he believes this may have all started from a Pizza Hut it is directly across from that LA fitness thirties are telling people to stay away from the scene Terry Alden or ABC

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