Pittsburgh Steelers, David Long And Devin Bush discussed on Attack Each Day: The Harbaughs' Podcast


So coach figure we jump in talk a little NFL draft a great weekend for your guys five guys taken in the draft seven other guys that signed undrafted rookie free agent. So the next step in those careers guys. We talked about of course, last week with Adam Schefter here on the podcast. But now they move on to that next stage. Jezek super exciting draft as a whole I either washed it or follow every pick on my phone and thrilled for Devin Bush going tenth. Overall, the Pittsburgh Steelers and Rashawn Gary twelfth overall to the Green Bay Packers and texted texted, Don Brown, Wyoming. I mean, there's two in the top twelve that's a that's a great accomplishment and then David long and chase win Avik both going in the third round chase to the New England Patriots and David to the Los Angeles. Rams also great great situations for for each each of those young men. They're in there, and they're really appreciated by by all the teams that drafted him head nice messages from from each of those teams. And then seeing Jack Zack gentry go in the fifth round. That was also very exciting. Also the Pittsburgh Steelers. And and then all the guys that were drafted in the signed free agent contracts. Those are those are wonderful opportunities. Well, so twelve total or. Was that the? He

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