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Omari Hardwick Kisses Beyonce Twice in Front of Jay Z


So why did talk about Marwick because this situation really went too far? So I'm just like letting the drama is going on here so impaired at the AA CPA awards. He won. And I guess he got a little excited, and he kissed beyond say in front of Jay Z's. That's what we'll be talking about today on air the streets on your host, DJ harmony. And let's get it you guys. So apparently in day W C P at image awards and Amari one and he got a little bit extra. And when I say extra he actually tried to kiss beyond Z twice now kissed her on the cheek, but the second case was a little bit closer. And it got people little bit hot under the collar. 'cause they're like, you know, why Jay z just let him do that. But what I think is that actually in the situation is that this is kind of the way Hollywood people do kiss each other on the cheek and stuff. I just feel like there's something more to the situation. Like, maybe he likes beyond say. But I don't really think like anything happening. A lot of people are like speculating like, oh, maybe she messed with someone. Maybe they messed around the past. And maybe they did. Because it's like Jay Z's running around while bygones, as you know, stirred up a little limited and doing records about it. But I don't really think that like to be honest with you like I was so surprised that she actually married, Jay z. And in my opinion, it doesn't work out with Jay she should go with the Mari. And if it doesn't work out with is wife, they should get together because they be so cute. She looked like she really likes him as a person. But I don't think there's anything more to it. Now, you guys let me know your thoughts on this whole situation with the Mari Hardwick if you like, but he is married and a lot of people were coming at his wife calling her ugly. And I think she's beautiful. I think they make a beautiful couple. And I just feel like, you know, I don't see which they're talking about like they were calling her ugly, and they were trolling her and he went online and put everybody in their place. So I really liked that about him. I really liked the show power. I love what he does on the show. I'm kinda glad Angeles gone now. Sorry spoiler. If you watch haven't watched power longtime. She's not there anymore, but I really like Amar Hartwick, and I think he's well deserved to. Won that war. I think he got a little excited. If you know what I'm saying. So

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