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Is experiencing this? Like like he's enjoying this without Kevin Durant. Right. It seems like he is he's like a high use player when without Kevin Durant. And when Kevin Durant there, he's off the ball, I think, Steph, was wise enough to know that there's a price from being a high usage player. I think he saw in advance what's happening James harden. So while he might like to get the shots every player loves to get the shots. I think he knows in the long run. It's not a winning strategy. So, like, if you look at it now, there was nobody else to create except very bonds, pushing the ball transition and the moment, they for some reason, Portland to do about the traffic. But when you honestly waiting at the rim all drives is out. So I think Steph knows better than anybody. You gotta have a number to like somebody create a shot. So Steph is Davidson Steph. Jim own team guy. He's the most rive college, mid major spirit. Like, you know he he's definitely much more than that than he is getting all the shots. He have his team back. I'm if I know Steph, I know that to be true. What's your gut telling you what's your gut? What is Mark is telling him about work eight. He's gonna go tell me he say. Altered, it's because some person put their hand in the movie popcorn. And now my good is I gotta recency by the owner of the, the warriors said he feels pretty good about eighty in

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