Trump says sexual assault accuser is not his 'type'


Donald trump lashes out of his latest accuser columnist e jean carroll is at least the fourteenth woman to accuse trump of unwanted sexual assault and she goes farther accusing trump of rape c._b._s. news correspondent nancy cortes has more it was against my will and it hurt and it was a fight magazine columnist e jean carroll says trump attacked her in a bergdorf goodman dressing room in the mid nineties shut the door and push me up you can swan bang bang my head on the wall and kiss me i just it was so shocking but in a new interview with the hill newspaper president trump insists carol is totally lying i don't know anything about her adding she's not my type i was so glad i'm not his type it's not the first time mr trump has tried to use his accusers looks as a defense she is a liar she's here's what he said about a woman who claimed he groped her on a plane she would not be my first choice that i can touch and here's what he said about a reporter who claimed he forcibly kissed her at mar-a-lago look at her look at her words you tell me what you think i don't think so i don't think he's denied all fifteen women who've come forward carol seen here meeting mr trump in one thousand nine hundred eighty seven i made the accusation in a new book book called what do we need men for many times when folks have made these allegations they've also been promoting a book republicans either tepidly backed the president i don't i didn't i haven't seen that are read that i know the president said this is not true or avoided the issue hold together the president says his latest accuser is not his type is that an appropriate response to an allegation of rape i don't have any comment about them in her book carol also accuses les moonves the former chairman and c._e._o. of c._b._s. of groping her in an elevator after an interview like the president he denies it wound best was forced out of c._b._s. last summer after a series of sexual assault

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