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Which is now the single largest shareholder of the barbados stock exchange how did that happen in what do you intend to do at that position to interesting segway this is completely this is completely separate from bet dot com and on my own private ventures a so i matt paulie my team in in canada and it was quite intrigued by what they were trying to build the securities markets and i found that they could really be massive solution to benefit regulated stock exchanges in moving them towards the digital world of start issue once and i overheard through the grapevine that kpmg n e y were looking to sell their shares in barbados stock exchange yes they were shareholders and add something somebody would do of a conflict of interest and they were looking to exit their positions and i approach paulie miles by the time i had made the suggestion that we should look at partnering in a joint venture agreement to acquire these shirts and the vision that i saw was being able to take small island developing state regulated stock exchange with forty years of reputation in history on trust any involve them am too much more efficient may system and in doing that allow it potential network to be formed with other stock exchanges around the world that polymath guys chris and trevor any other partners considered it started with quite a brilliant approach because it can empower the paulie my top form and i couldn't power a small island developing state polymath by the way is headquartered in barbados and while we maybe offer and we were it took a very long time from a regulation perspective because obviously when you're dealing with highly regulated businesses one doesn't just get transferred shares overnight it requires regulatory approval a a lot of due diligence on the characters involved and a a very large process with a lot of due diligence and it took us about a year and a half and but we were able to acquire kpmg g n e y share position to allow paulie are bad which is a joint venture of gabriel a bad myself polymath become the single largest shareholders of the barbados stock exchange mind you it's not majority were not the majority major shareholders combined we are the single largest shareholders and that gave us a voice if in the organization and allowed us to work closer where the ceo of the barbados middle stock exchange marlin yard who is quite a progressive sinker and in recent months the barbados stock exchange made announcements that they're moving down the road of building out eight block chain base securities in equities environment where fateful digital orderbook system to allow the local and international companies are domiciled in barbados so having new platform that would allow them to lift

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