News in Brief 09 July 2019

UN News


This is the news in brief from the united nations nations are not doing enough to ensure that every child goes to school and stays there by twenty thirty a k commitment of these twenty thirty global goals agenda unesco set on cheese day according to data from you ends educational scientific and cultural organization one in six youngsters aged between six and seventeen will still be out of plus decades time attendance levels are best in primary school with information from nearly one hundred and fifty countries showing that eighty four percent of children completed this fast educational taryn twenty eighteen up from seventy percent in two thousand with an extra push end investment uscca believes it getting old children into primary school is just possible civil by twenty thirty but it warms the as children get older attendance levels are much lower with four in ten children globally expected not complete secondary education by twenty thirty this figure is likely to grow to half of all youngsters in sub saharan africa forgot where the school age population is growing faster than anywhere else unesco says new cancer treatments and drugs that can be swallowed rather than injected adjusted some of their central medicines that every country should have the world health organization unsettled choose day more than one hundred and fifty countries you see you and agencies essential medicines list which contains around four hundred and sixty by to drugs deemed essential detroit public health needs the latest update adds twenty eight products the adult's at twenty three children and it will say specifies new you just put twenty six already listed products based on value for money evidence and health impacts according to w h o the five counts of therapies added to the list are regarded as the best in terms of survival rates just treat skin melanomas lung blood and prostate cancers they include to recently developed immuno therapies naval you lab and from brazil map that have delivered up to fifty percent survival rate for advanced melanoma skin cancer but until recently with incurable all the updates to the list include new oral antique arguments to prevent stroke hasn't alternative to wolfer and treatment of deep vein thrombosis these up particularly advantageous for low income countries at unlike well friend they do not require regular monitoring the issue of life threatening bleeding off the child was also addressed in this year's essential medicines last update with proposal to use champa tyson rama's dandy counties therapy oxytocin doesn't need refrigerating in related development wh as also updated it's essential diagnostics list in recognition of critical life saving importance of finding out what is wrong with patients before it's too late while the first this issued last year concentrated traded on priority diseases hiv malaria toback he likes this and hepatitis this year's list it covers mono communicable end communicable diseases and finally old grievances linked to violence perpetrated against sudanese protesters test is by security forces across the country should be investigated independently and justice must be served atop you and writes officials say don't choose day speaking at the human rights council andrew gilmore assistance extra general human rights welcomed and last week's reported power sharing deal between the transitioning military authority and civilian representatives he said you instead ready to help the country strengthen the protection of human rights as it embraced civilian rule after mass protests beginning in december last year that led to the playing of precedent alba shift for months later we encourage all parties ensued on the continue to resolve any outstanding issues through dialogue i wish they jar welcomes the agreement reached last week includes a commitment to conduct an independent investigation into the violence perpetrated against peaceful protesters more details have emerged about casualties doing the math protests that took place across their down on the thirtieth of june two thousand nineteen it's important that investigation of contribute to justice and dignity for all victims of such violence in reply sudan's osama have made a express gratitude for regional efforts to resolve tensions inside the country while also acknowledging djing be heroic and inspiring popular revolution lead in particular by young people the sudanese representative duncan fundy imminent release of all political prisoners and many others who've been arrested under a state of emergency lows along with an end to the calf you he

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