Every Team's Top Potential Free-Agent Targets After 2019 NBA Draft


You about to be immersed in woke bombs, because it is that time of the year. Our NBA insider, everyone else joins us. Whoa. Just before we get into free agency, which is going to be interesting. We are now what twelve hours removed from the draft. Your initial takes who won who lost? Well, I thought the two teams who made the most significant trade last night. New Orleans, and Atlanta, both fared very well maximize the assets that they had Atlanta moving up into number four. To get. The hunter from Virginia. Maybe most versatile forward in this draft the best defensive player player doesn't need the ball in his hands. They've got a lot of scoring on Atlanta team. And then Cam, reddish, who is probably a top three or four talent taking a little bit of a flyer on him at ten and then New Orleans, you know, their ability to keep expanding this Anthony Davis trade. They got Jackson Hayes at center beyond Ziya Williamson David Griffin, thanks, that's going to give them in the long term. Maybe the most athletic front court in the league pick up another first round pick. And now also have nearly thirty million dollars in salary cap space to go out and free agency. And some veterans to this team that could make it conceivable that, that the pelicans could make the playoffs in their first year without Anthony Davis. And usually when you trade a player of that, caliber. From a small market, you're going into a full rebuild. But I think the winning the lottery being able to get Zion Williamson has a lot of David Griffin to go and just the opposite direction. And they're set up really well in New Orleans, talking about teams on the way up in there seems kind of scratching our heads about that would be the Celtics. What what's going on there? Well, listen, they're preparing to lose career being Al Horford in free agency. They've got in the neighborhood of twenty six twenty seven twenty eight million dollars in cap space, they could use that to go after Senator to replace Al Horford. Nicola Busa vich in Orlando's a free agent. The Lakers have interest there if they can get the cap space for him if they want to put all in one player, but which is at priority in Orlando. You know, there's I think there's motivation on both sides to get a deal done. But if they weren't able to, you know, Boston's and position to swoop in there and try to make a deal with vich Boston still has some really good young players. Now they go from team that thought they were ready to compete for championships to a team now built around Jason Tatum. Jalen Brown Gordon Hayward who still on the right side of thirty years old, and who probably will have a much better season this year than last. But they've got to address that point guard position in Boston. They obviously have taken a step back if both of those players are gone free agency and that's and that's how they feel. That's how it appears right now talking to Adrian ward NASCAR ESPN NBA insider on the show Pennzoil performance line. And something we had Brian win horse on earlier. We're talking a little bit about as teams you mentioned move things around or creating cap space right now. The idea that the seventy Sixers with some available cap space could potentially take shot or try and get a meeting with Kawhi Leonard coming up in free agency. Tell us what you think about the viability of that. Oh, I think they'll get a meeting. I mean listen getting a meeting and being a serious contender for free agent are two different things and very often the relationships in place that will allow a team to get a meeting I thought all along Philadelphia would probably get a meeting for Leonard. I think the Knicks will also get a meeting with Leonard, but the front runners are still Toronto and the clippers. But. Players and their representatives will meet often sometimes as a courtesy with other teams but their focus in Philadelphia is keeping their own. And that's Jimmy Butler Tobias Harris and JJ Rettig. He's an important part of that group too, and he's coming off an outstanding season. It's going to be expensive to keep that team together. They knew that when they made the trades for Harris and for Butler, but their priorities to keep them and also find a way to keep there. You know, I think they may get a meeting with Leonard, but I don't think they're going to be a physician to sign them or insider, eighty ask is with us right now. Whoa. What, what are we hearing? The latest on the, the possibility that there might be a sign and trade deal that keeps Kevin Durant in Golden State, while he's rehabbing. So he gets his money, and then they'll be able to get something for money moves on trade. I don't know anything about that. I think the focus and Golden State right now is to try to sign Kevin Durant to keep Kevin Durant in with the warriors. They're going to offer him a five-year max contract, just as they were before the Killys injury. You know all the options that were there for Kevin Durant before that injury are still there. All the teams that were recruiting him that we're willing to essentially offer them the full scholarship, nobody's pulling back on the book or the meal plan, he's getting full scholarship from everybody. Maximum. Allowable for years with another team five years with the warriors, and they're determined to try to keep him keep Klay Thompson. Great analogy, by the way. As far as actual galleys of free agent when you can actually talk and deal with players. Forgetting that how much of the race is going on right now in the timing issues of these teams talking back door to try and get these things done. Now I mean we live in the real world, Mike and free agency started weeks ago just did. And so it's ongoing. You cannot keep people from talking, there are different philosophies out there. There are different styles going at it. I'm not saying every team is out every free agent is out, literally to go shitting numbers. But are there, some yes there are, and that's always been the case? But I think because of how many teams have so much you have over ten I think ten eleven teams with over twenty million dollars in space and teams who could go get it with one trade. Or waving a player who's got a partial guarantee. So there's lots of moving parts in this free agency teams don't want to be left behind. but you could also you can talk to your own player all the way through boston was able to talk about extension with al horford and it didn't look like they were not close on the numbers and that's why horford is headed in the free agency he feels they have some confidence there's a much bigger offer or offers out there for

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