Disney Earnings Beat Expectations Due to Parks' Strength



Begin with better than expected earnings from Disney theme parks once again a highlight. And oh, yeah. Disney. Ceo Bob Iger says that adventures in game will be streaming exclusively on Disney. Plus starting December first Disney plus launching in November. So nice way to kick things off. Yeah. I reckon if I do see vendors and game. That's how I'll see it. But I probably won't see it just because I'm not really L into that universe. I guess related to begin with. But with that said, I mean these injure emails to. There's more HDTV going on and asks include network than the Disney plus at this point, my daughters are a little bit older. Now, as I don't know the Disney holds the same status. But I mean, yeah, you look at the quarter itself it was like the Goldilocks quarter. I mean, there was nothing too terribly. Great nothing, really bad. It was kind of just right down the middle. And I think that's what we were all hoping for me when you when you digest this big acquisition like they're doing you really just want to avoid any major faux pas and they've done that. I think when you look at the major money makers for the company continues to be the media division in the parks division. They saw some some decent operating leverage in parts with sales up there. Five percent but operating come up fifteen percent. So they're doing a good job capitalizing on traffic there. But I think the real stories I mean, avengers, obviously being one of the big headlines in you've touched on that. I think it's more standing when you actually look at the rollout of the films that are coming for the rest of do thousand nineteen. I mean. It would take the entire show to go through the merits of that wind up. But then we also saw the films that they have planned out for. I think something like the next five years in it just borders, the absurd I mean, it's it's hard to believe that anybody will actually be able to get out there and compete with Disney when it comes to this now because they have so much I p in so many films that they're going to roll out. And then of course, the over the top opportunities with ESPN, plus Disney, plus Hulu ESPN plus now has two million plus subs who has I think twenty five million, plus they're forecasting Disney plus to have anywhere between sixty and ninety million by two thousand and twenty four. So they're starting to make the required investments in that product. And I think that consumers will be pleasantly surprised because that's where all of that. Great content is going. I don't know if you saw there was a little headline here earlier that net. Flicks bought some little child's content provider in nothing. Anyone has ever heard of the bottom line is that it was another effort for Netflix to try to develop their own IP? And I think that we're gonna we're gonna see that's very difficult thing to do. So while you know, I hate that term net flicks killer. I mean, I think we're also going to see Netflix facing a lot of challenges in trying to develop their own universe of I p whereas Disney already has that. I think it's so interesting that as analysts we tend to be so bullish on a company like Disney because their intellectual property and their universe of characters and optionality even is so strong yet. We're both so unaware of the avengers is in vendors in game. Is that is that the last one is that why it's doing so? Well, because there's there's gonna be no more vendors after this. I have a hard time believing that they'll just cut the thing off the last of this series. But you've got so many marvel character, right? I mean, that's just it. It's it's the vendors the stretch of movies. I think was something like twenty one movies in all here that just shelled box office receipts in the in in this one was the culmination. I think of a story that was being told, and it's worth noting that when we talk about Disney, plus we're not just talking about movies and legacy content. We're talking about. The potential to take all of these characters and spin them off into their own shows. So well, if Disney plus has a few stranger things or one hundred stays. One. Yes, I know Jason Dodd love stranger things, but you think about the importance of stranger things for net flicks and Disney plus Kennett crank out a few of those e e in their sleep. And I mean that's going to be the difference. Here is that they're going to be able to do this without even really giving it much thought because they already have the property, and you know, Chris hill made a very good point the other day, we were talking back and forth on slack. It's one thing for a company to have that IP. But it's another thing for that company's media division of films to be able to attract such quality directors. And producers in the matter in Disney does that obviously seemingly constantly mean every everything they put out for the most part seems to do really well because they attract a lot of talent on the directing side of the producing side in. I think you'd look at your companies like Netflix that are starting to do that as well. But costs a lot of money to do that in in. We're seeing we're seeing the difference to there in the two businesses. Well, and researching this story. I want to take a trip in the fool way back machine. Zimmer twenty-seventh nine thousand nine hundred ninety six I found this story online. This new story marvel entertainment group publisher of marvel comics today filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection in New York. Over the past three years marvel has been bleeding money, thanks to a market decline and comic

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