NFL draft 2019: Will the Cardinals unite Kyler Murray with Kliff Kingsbury?



Just a couple of hours from the start of the NFL draft. The we're not gonna have some Philly to the second countdown on this show. Hope we do it's expected in some quarters at the cardinals will take Cuyler Murray with the first overall pick. There've been six weeks of reports that he will be or he won't be. Let's get right to the only question that matters. Tony what is shock? You Cuyler Murray doesn't go number one. Okay. So when you say some quarters all I've heard for X amount of weeks. He's going to go number one that the moment they signed cliff Kingsbury to be their coach. It was Kyla Marie. And it was Josh Rosen out will be shocked. No, I'm not going to be shocked because because if you get three number ones, maybe do something else. But I'm going to be surprised to the point of being a little bit stunned. It's the one thing I'm looking for. Maybe I'd like to see what the Redskins do other the music. I hope there's a lot of music from Nashville. But for me, if they don't take him, I'm gonna go, really. After all this really. Are you not know because I don't believe anything I hear. So you don't think sport in any sport? Because the point is to gain an advantage for your franchise. So the cardinals look their own quarterback doesn't know what they're gonna do the guy. They drafted last jayder with the first pick. Josh Rosen number ten overall air. I that's right. He is now basically saying he tried to go the other way and try to say, yeah, I'm good soldier. I'm gonna be with like to hell with you people. I don't believe anything you say his employer. So he doesn't believe them. Why would I I don't know what I'm gonna do it to pick? I don't know to me. That's the only suspense. There is I care bears have a pick in the first three rounds. So you don't I'm interested to see what the risk rate up to take the local quarterback Wayne house because that's all. To see that

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