Joe Biden, Donald Trump And Sherry Preston discussed on Noon Report with Rick Van Cise


With Joe Biden's announcement that he's running for president comes very big questions about how his campaign will run. And how much the end a hill. Testimony will come back to bite him Biden was the Senate Judiciary chairman in nineteen Ninety-one. When Anita hill testified against Justice. Clarence Thomas supreme court nomination. ABC's political director reclined spoke about it with Sherry Preston. Taking a look at that. Now, it is. So disturbing to watch that to watch what happened during that? I mean, it really really was. It is uncomfortable questions that are asked or just completely inappropriate. You know, he might have tried to call an apologized, but one thing she said is until there's real progress and women can see there's real progress. Then we're not going to get anything done to me. It's a it's a lesson to the younger colleagues that this was a signal moment. This this shape degeneration of conversations the concept of sexual harassment really wasn't in the national conversation before the Nita hill hearings. And it is so long ago. Seeing Joe Biden there is the chairman of the judiciary committee next to Strom Thurmond next Ted Kennedy. This was the the reminds you that Joe Biden is old. He'd be the oldest man ever elected president. And he was a senior statesman then back in nineteen Ninety-one and his handling of that had repercussions. And it's real for people. Not just the need. But whole generation of women who came up after that. And and I think for for the vice president part of his calling card is going to be the the fact that he has his record of service, but it is going to be an obstacle as well, and he is going to have to look backward. Even as he tries look forward. And when you talk about that gender aside when you talk about the issue of Joe Biden and his age and younger Americans who say we are ready to move on. And there's others in the Democratic Party say look, our number one issue has to be defeating Donald Trump, and that's what Joe Biden made clear in that opening video that he had he was saying this is a seminal moment in our country. We need to make this decision. So it's like you have these questions. Do you? You know, push forward with things like Medicare for all the green new deal or do you go? We just got a win here. Democrat his focus on Charlottesville reminds a lot of Democrats even some independence and Republicans of what they don't like about President Trump. He didn't mention his rivals. He didn't really mention his own biography in his campaign launch. He's trying to make it about Trump about the general election to reform. Focus where the campaign conversation will be and look he enters is a front runner. He's particularly weak as a front runner may be weaker than anyone we've seen is a front runner in generations. But he's going to be a formidable presence. And I think he's going to start to shape a racist. So far has been

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