Axonius - The Most Innovative Startup 2019 Winner


When I mentioned, the words cybersecurity an asset management, I think most people listening will know all about the critical role that he plays and how many of his possibly go if taking it for granted, but also how is it incredibly cliche industry? For example, a Google search about saga secure will reveal matrix code and maybe even hacker wearing hoodie along with stock phrases that every company seems to us in cybersecurity. So if you are a startup founder in particular a cybersecurity founder and you want to stand out in an industry. I want to be known as the most innovative starter at the RSA conference where would you begin? Been please. Trust me when I say that today's episode is crucial Asaba secure founder and indeed, anybody interested in the industry, but today's episode is also washed with some fantastic stories behind it and stores are personally, remember for a long time after today's episode is released and the companies act Sonus, and they're aiming to solve the least sexy problem in cybersecurity, which is asset management, and by connecting to more than one hundred security and management solutions Akzo nears is able to give customers credible on a comprehensive asset inventory uncover secure coverage gaps and ultimately automatically validate enforce secure e policies. Now they were named the two thousand nineteen all SAC innovation son books, most innovative startup an SE magazines at rookie security company of the year. But all those awards only tell half the story. So book elope, and hold on tight. So I can be Muir is all the way to Cape Cod. So we can speak with Nathan Burke form ax onus who's going to change his story and a conversation. I genuinely enjoyed and I hope you do too. Massive oil, welcome to the show. Can you tell the listeners about who you are? And what you do. Sure. My name's Nathan Burke. And I'm the chief marketing officer attic Sony's and where a cybersecurity startup doing what we call cybersecurity asset management. This is my third cyber security startup. My fifth startup overall I really enjoy joining it the very early stage where I can kinda define the brand and the message and then bring it to market to of this recital security startups. I've been at have been acquired and aside for my day job. I really like advising other early stage startups I generally do two at a time. I don't want to do more than that. I find that helping other startups have nothing to do with cybersecurity really makes me step back and be more creative and then aside from the work stuff. I live on Cape Cod with my wife and four year old daughter with a thirteen year old corgi named Steve and. Possibly the smartest German shepherd on the planet named Heidi and cheesy your and a half. Fad now on these daily tech podcast. I love exploring the stories behind startups. I'm behind that success. Aren't that yours is the most boring star to around industry pays don't see it that way? It can eat the state and tell me about the kind of problems that you so feel customers. And what makes you meet from of the solutions out there? Sure. Sure. So I don't know if it's born, but we are definitely in what we call the most unsexy part of cyber security, and, and let me tell you why. So, like, when you think of cybersecurity in just as an experiment on your own, if you want to just search Google images for the words ever security, and so you're gonna see like all these images that are reminiscent of the matrix, right? Like sci-fi high-tech and, and when you think about it like cybersecurity has all these cutting edge technologies. All

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