3 Companies Get IAB Certified; Arabic Podcasts on the Rise



The latest from pod news dot net. We reported on Friday that aren't nineteen had received ABC certification also awarded ABC certified status is vox nests audience network and the first non US company to gain certification is a stray washco good on. Yeah. Good to know your status will be fed dinkum the national highlights the rise of Arabic podcasts claiming it's a digital revival of a long-term tradition. This is a subject also taken up by the F P focusing on the popularity of podcasts in the Arab world and new podcast recommendation newsletter US politics, the van comes out every Thursday with a non-partisan selection of the best three podcasts. Anti-american docker. I want to introduce you to a new daily podcast from global news. I know this is my job. Thank you in Canada. Global news have announced wait. There's more daily news podcast for the afternoon commute a launches June. The tenth in London in the u. K maple street studios have revealed the lineup for their podcasts. What's the point of vent? It's tomorrow at five thirty we've been trying to understand the rationale behind Google's placement of the podcast play buttons in their search rolled out to desktop and s devices last week as out for pod news now correctly shows play buttons underneath our website. But that's not the case for search for fun kids book club podcast, which despite doing everything technically correct doesn't show any play buttons. Those are attached to its apple podcasts page little further down willing to some more examples, and we'd be grateful for your comments as to why in our mind, if the webpage unambiguously links to the RSS feed and vice versa that should be the signal for Google to put them together. Similarly, if you're a podcast app developer or someone who cares about your show notes would also be curious for your comments about document. We're working on which attempts to explain to podcast app developers. What we want as a bare minimum to display. In show notes. If you are interested updates at pod, news dot net. And we'll send you a link. And thank you to message heard stories, you didn't know you cared about from people. You never thought you'd meet and to Babylon. The French creator of audio consumer brands with an awesome name for becoming our latest supporters. You should be like them pod. News dot net slash support. In our poker section the shortlist a new podcast from the British podcast awards. His highlighting the twenty nine thousand nine nominees. If you're looking for a new good podcast. Listen to is a great starting point and airplane mode. A new podcast from G Q about living, healthier and smarter. Is of course, named after the feature on mobile phones that makes it impossible to download the podcast letting smarter.

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