Simmering Victoria's Secret, Third Love Conflict Reignites


Business daily is brought to you by Dell this month. Dell is thanking small businesses with up to forty five percent off select computers with Intel core processors. Call eight seven seven by Dell to speak with a small business. Technology advisor today. That's eight seven seven b u y DA L L for tech advice and one on one partnership. From wondering, I'm David Brown and this business wars daily on this Tuesday may fourteenth as listeners to this podcast may already know the lingerie company third love has been in a heated war with Victoria secret for some time third. Love boasts that it makes bras sized for well, just about everyone. And it says it's the antecedents of sexy. Victoria secret, the rival companies have been openly hostile last November, Victoria secret marketing chief Ed rock stirred controversy, when he told vogue magazine that the seven billion dollar company had no plans to cater to larger sized women. And that transgender models had no place in Victoria secret's annual runway show, and he jabbed at third love to saying. We're nobody's third love. We're there burst. Love we should note here that Razzaq later apologized for his remarks, however, rose comments angered third. CEO hijack in an open letter in the New York Times she wrote quoting here. We're done with pretending certain sizes don't exist or aren't important enough to serve and please stop insisting that inclusivity is a trend that simmering war just reignited women's wear daily reports that Victoria's Secret owner L brands has trademarked the phrase, I love for its personal care products body washes lotions that sort of thing the US patent and trademark office. However has so far denied the company's application to apply the phrase to launch array and other clothing, citing a small clothing companies existing trademark on the phrase, the new I love trademark is an obvious shot across third loves bow. It's also a sign that L brands which despite its recent declines is still a mammoth company is concerned about the San Francisco startup third. Love earned an estimated one hundred sixty million dollars in revenues twenty. Eighteen now that's miniscule compared to Victoria's Secret. More telling however is third loves valuation by investors of seven hundred fifty million dollars and the appointment to the third love board of investor. Lori Greeley who just happens to be Victoria's secrets former CEO L brands may consider its decision to trademarked the phrases shrewd. But some observers say otherwise in a blog post on the feminist site Jez Abell rider Hazel sills took a dig at the company saying that in its quest to remain relevant. Victoria secret is trying a new strategy extreme pettiness. Well, one thing is for sure whether the I love trademark works to boost the brand sales or not it's been worth a boatload of publicity for third love. From wondering this business wars daily. We luck falling on the ongoing rivalry between companies. So what do you tell us out of quick survey? One dot com slash survey. I'm David Brown back with you tomorrow. Businessworld daily is brought to you by Dell. There's nothing small about your business. Your impact on the communities made a huge difference. As thank you during small business month. Dallas offering up to forty five percent off select computers with Intel core processors, plus get a free external hard drive with select PC purchases. Call eight seven seven buy Dell to speak with a small business. Technology advisor today that's eight seven seven B U Y D E L L for tech advice and one on one partnership eight seven seven by Dell.

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