Marc Maron Interviews Anjelica Huston


I see you're doing a lot of voice work. That's nice. And that's a nice job. It is. It's a lovely John. Yeah. You get to kind of straggle in there. Like, nothing you've done a lot of the Tinkerbell. What what what franchises ask the voice of Queen? Karen disney. You are you are her. Right. And so do you are you gonna do any other movies coming up? Hopefully, I. Nothing. I'm too sure. About yet. I've been offered some weird stuff weird. Does he it's either? Like, I don't know at the my offers are so diverse. Yeah. It's either would you like to do this movie in Puerto Rico for no money, you won't have a trailer. But it's a great part or it's John wake. I don't know if I'm waiting somewhere in between those movies. Do you like to do those? I did a movie last year called trouble with the writer of a smash which which was a series. I did for a couple of years in New York few years ago, Theresa Reback, and yeah, I I did it because I believe in Theresa's work. And and and it was nice, and I was central to the movie, and I worked my azoff. But yeah, I did it without a trailer. I'm by trailer. I mean, like motorhome the I get it. I I I. I've been acting not that long in and the last I did days work on some movie, and they gave me like I think an eighth of a trailer. Well, yeah, that's like the triple banger some hideous thing. There was a partition, and I get here the other actor you hear them here the flush of their lavatory ah. It's I know it's humiliating. It's almost a little better not to have anything because then you go. I'm I'm over here. Gun. They sent me. They sent me back to the city in an Uber. Exactly. All right. This is this is the movie business city yourself lucky. That's how things are these days. So if you wanna do the thing, then you know, you have to go along with that. Yeah. I think you have to be game here. And then, you know, hope that something comes along that pays the rent it sorta, but it's sort of interesting now that like I imagine that you to as well like e- when you decide to do some movies, you realize like this might never be seen by anybody. Some you pray. We'll never be seen by any. Absolutely. Oh god. I won't go into them. You might she might someone might hear. Do you know some pretty some doozy's? Yeah. Yeah. But, you know, not really through any fault of my own. We all have to pay the taxman. Sure. I mean, I'm looking at the breakdown. I guess there's a few. I haven't heard of. But a lot of them are most of these are good movies. If people saw that one with you did with Sean Penn. That's that's a heavy movie. Oh, yeah. That's that's actually beautiful movie the crossing guard, and we, but so that was that one of those things where sort of you and Jack were union. Yeah. We hadn't seen each other for quite a long, right? When we made that movie. And I think we carried a lot of the the baggage from sure from our relationship. I don't want to call it just baggage. But the the history, All right? right and ship. You guys knew each other a long time. And now is it just sort of like, you're just pals? Yeah. You kind of live through it. Right. Yeah. It's nice. All right. Everything that seems so important. Yes. Kind of fades a little bit. I think we'll we won the war together. Right. It was great talking to you me too. I had such a good time. Thanks for doing. Thanks for having me.

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