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Erin, you've got actress, Felicity Huffman headed to court today in the college bribery scandal. Case what's expected to happen. Expected to plead guilty Jennifer to paying fifteen thousand dollars bribe to make sure that her daughters. SAT answers were corrected helper daughter get a four hundred point higher score. But now is art of this whole criminal conspiracy. Eliciting huffman's one of about a dozen parents pleading guilty comes the day after mother's day. When we celebrate all mother would do for her kid in this case, though for the city hopes that has said she brought a lot of pain who her daughter into her family, and she could spend several months in prison for it. And that's what prosecutors want right. Four to ten months or something wasn't that in the beginning? What they had asked for. That's what they say. They'll push for rather light sentence. But the the amount of fraud is rather light. When compared to others who were charged in the scheme someone like Lori Laughlin allegedly paid a half million dollars. And so her exposure is potentially much greater the city has been it's not the only one pleading guilty today. There's a another guy California actually was pleading out his son was designated as recruit of. Into school USC for water polo could never played water polo, but was told to go buy some water polo gear and take pictures with his -plication. Now when I mean, you brought up mother's day. And that's what I was thinking. Like what an awkward day that must have been on one hand could Felicity Huffman garner. Maybe any letter of a sentence by pleading. Hey, all I was doing was trying to be a good mom. She's been pretty vocal about hallowed the right thing to do was not to break the law, though. I went about this totally the wrong way. But you know, my heart was there kind of thing. Yeah. And I'm not sure you know, heart is going to be a defense. But it certainly I think her posture of she didn't say anything when she came and went from court the first time there was no smiling for for fans before cameras. She just went in said repeats at less. She ended up fleeting guilty in four ten months. You could argue that maybe that could be served in a halfway house or perhaps with probation and she could avoid prison time altogether. Just because the amount of fraud. It is all that much of. She is agreed to take her lungs. She issued a statement of regret and expressing her. Shame. And it's well possible that when she sent into the Lakers ain't that judge does uh those consider that take that into account and her husband William H Macy still has not been in it, so far indicted in anything, right? He just nothing charged and others have been charged along with their spouse. Laurie Laughlin in her husband must've had to for example. We're not sure why William H Macy us nothing charged. But because he is referenced of in court papers. But for whatever reason eliciting hoping is the only one in her family that's facing charges in connection with this game. Then what times this expect the court today? It'll be a two thirty eastern civil Levin. Thirty our time. Okay. Eleven thirty your time and the sippy fairly quick. All right. Aaron thanks so much fly safely. Thank you. Are you see later? That's ABC's. Aaron Katersky is actually leaving to fly to Boston right now from New York. So he's jumping on a lane as we speak. And yeah, we'll watch this go down today. And it you know, what it is is. I think that the when is that excited? I didn't mean excited that never looked forward to you know, somebody getting in trouble. But when I think I'm so intrigued by how this is all going to break. Down. You have these incredibly high profile parents who are suddenly all wrapped up in the scheme, and so many of them in high profile when you're talking about Laurie Lachlan, and Felicity Huffman specifically, but these other people who are indicted, these other parents are huge names in their communities. You know, the wealthiest of the wealthy in their communities in sued, the the what's intriguing about this whole thing is we haven't seen something like this go down in such a large major public way before in. So I'm in. I should've said I'm intrigued by what's going to happen today. Because you have these incredible names, you usually have the money to get themselves off or get themselves out of whatever it is that they've gotten themselves into. But is is Felicity Huffman going to be able to do that. And then should we look at listen, you huffman's case as a precursor to what we can expect to come out. Laurie Lachlan's case, and Felicity Huffman, basically has. Showed remorse. I don't know that Lori Lachlan at least as vocally has, you know, she member when she went into court. It was kind of like a red carpet. She walked in she's smiling she's signing autographs. Whatever Felicity Huffman. Just look like she'd been punched in the gut when she walked in wouldn't look at the cameras, wouldn't you know looked so terribly just sorrowful at the time. But that was not the the way that Laurie Lachlan has carried herself and she's pleading not guilty now. I guess if you're somebody who's going to plead guilty. Yeah. You look, you know, remorseful, and you look downtrodden, and you look sad. Maybe Lori Lachlan's defense is going to be. Hey, I didn't do anything wrong. I got caught up in this scandal. Just like everybody else did. So why should I look sad or remorseful or anything like that? I'm going to go out there with my game and smile, and and, you know, shake hands and kiss babies and keep up this facade mic. Maybe that's the

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