Little Caesars to use Impossible Foods' meatless sausages in pizzas


Well, the head of a plant based burger maker, impossible foods says his company is in no rush to go public, despite the success of its main competitor impossible foods debuted its second product this week, meatless sausage crumbles on Little Caesars pizza impossible foods, CEO, and CFO David Lee, on the growing popularity of the company's impossible burgers, and the target market, I the hardcore mediator, and I am exactly the target of impossible, ninety plus percent of the people who keep coming back for this impossible burger, they're coming, because they're mediators, who want that crave ability that hits the spot, but they want feel better about their health. They wanna feel better about the impact, they're having on the world won't is did this meatless book. So the impossible burger is made entirely out of plants, which means it uses a fraction of the world's resources at a fraction of the amount of water produces. I think an eighth of the green. House gases, you would get from a burger from a cow, but it has that same magic molecule, the only molecule that makes credibility happen. It's called him, h e e that's right. You got it. Hime is what a counties turn itself into delicious beef. We found it in a plan and we're the only ones but the patents and the know how to produce it at scale to make delicious crave. -able me entirely out of plants either fashionable. Well, I know. Public splash throat in a lot of money in the stock went straight up. So are you going to go public? We are in. No rush to go public. Well, we've had the benefit good a piece of the day, could cash out become an even more wealthy guy than you already. Well, we are in a rush to make sure we can serve our mission by increasing our supply for meat eaters, but we've had the benefit. This is a great example, three hundred million race out of seven hundred fifty from great long-term investors like horizon, tomozyk though, many of us came from large public company backgrounds. She told shawl as just been announced their head of supply chain. Dennis Woodside took dropbox public. I have predominantly a public company background. We know how to operate as if we're public, you don't need to catch you got it now. If I go to a white castle. Yes. Can I get a meatless book a less than two bucks at every every white castle?

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