Scarlett Johansson and 'SNL's' Colin Jost Are Engaged After Two Years of Dating


Is exciting news. Scarlett Johansson, Colin Joe starring gauge I know so they've been dating for two years, Colin Jost, one time guest on twin cities live was so nice. Have you met him? Jason has he come through? No. I have not met him. I have a crush on him but yeah, gosh. Well he Steve Patterson. Of course, had a full out like hair mutual admiration situation. Goodness, it was I I mean I was practically in the middle of it. Anyway. But calling chosed from Saturday Night Live. They first made headlines after she was spotted kissing him after her appearance on us NL in may two thousand seventeen but he was he went to Harvard. He super smart super smart guy and super nice. I like this. Because. She needed to be. She likes a funny guy. I mean she was with Ryan Reynolds. Yeah. But I don't know what didn't work out there. But then she was with this really stuffy French guy, and that didn't work out. And I think she needed to go back to the funny. Yeah. And he also didn't run cast a relationship on us now. That's yes. So it will because he's Colin seems like a pretty prior to guide to me. So it's probably serving him well with her. He's also thirty six. I mean he's not twenty two. He's on the twenty two or however. Yeah. I mean, that's, that's a decade of difference where you learn how to handle things. Boy, more

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