Will the Fed stay patient as the market rallies?


China 's central banks, China's government unloads a lot of stimulus into the economy to help it as well as the markets markets, go up, they say, you know, what? Oh, it's working. It's working out. So well, we're going to take, you know, take our foot off the pedal here. Could we have parallels here in the United States when it comes to the fed and staying on the sideline to the point where the more, you know, the strong opinion, they are gone. They're on is gone wrong. Wouldn't you look at what they said they used to say data dependent makes sense they're saying data dependent anymore. They're saying patient, which patient means is even if data doesn't go the right way. Right. Even if data is hot, we're not gonna do anything. We're going to go pass. This two percent. We're going to take you know, we had symmetrical below two. We're going to allow to go above two. And yet you see some of the inflation numbers are actually down even with his GDP up. The fed is gone. So there is inflation this asset inflation ridiculous asset inflation, there's clearly energy and health care inflation, there's so there's inflation in there all the wrong places. But but Cairns right terms of the fed. I mean there, and I'm gonna offend a lot of people here. They are data dependent that dependent on the NASDAQ going higher and the Dow Jones industrial average going that's their data. And if you don't think it's true, just go back and look what happened in October into December. I mean, they they turn on a dime because our markets sold off. So by that definition, they'll never move they can move, but for Larry cudlow who I'd like as a friend and respect is an economist for him to say after three point two GDP print. However, we got there that there's still room for a rate cut. That's absolute men. Well, might be generous there. I mean, let's be Frank. I think maybe you want to call them a strategist or something like that political strategist. I mean, let's be Frank. Okay. We were just talking on the deaths last night about Amazon we're talking about. We're talking about inflation. What did they just do? They said they're gonna use a portion of their profits. Okay. Their EP is going to be less. Right. And they're afford to do that. Because stock market has been bid up because interest rates are so low, and what happened they are going to get you there faster. That is a disinflationary thing.

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