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Ish left and. May not like to talk about game of thrones again. To if you're on here is this thing that's like not hitting for people that were doing core because I'll stop well. We're I haven't no I off game of thrones colossal. I haven't seen. I've seen maybe two compliance. But also on the first podcast that we talked about game of thrones. I'm we literally came out the gate fire. And so I understand that. We've done been on here. Talking about bud. Pussy. But we've given you forty five minutes of not game of thrones Surat now if you're not caught up on game of thrones. We love you and skew and come see us on the road and go to well-read comedy dot com. And all that shit. We'll be in Jacksonville Orlando this weekend. But if you did watch game of thrones. Yeah, I'd like to I'd like to get into and go ahead. Try you can start off. Well. From. Yeah. Yeah. It continued the trend of generally not hitting for me. I

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