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Fox works with canine, loft company, which runs rattlesnake avoidance classes. He trains dogs how to avoid snakes whose rattle for them. And for us is a warning. They don't want to hurt us. We are way too big. They cannot eat us. So it's purely defensive my dog Baxter took this training class. But I wanted to know how humans can avoid snakes. So I asked your doctor Mark Morocco to join me on a hike Baxter Baxter. Come try to keep your dog on a leash and then you're less likely to have Baxter. Get bit by snake? Morocco works at the Reagan UCLA medical center. He says the number one rule when hiking and snake territory. Stay on the trail. You wanna be able to see your feet don't get off into the high brush on the sides of the trail because that's where the snakes are going to be. They're going to be harder to see. And if you're rock climbing watch where you put your hands the next important thing to think about what you wear on your feet, it is Los Angeles. And so you will see people on trails like this in flip flops, not a good idea. Most people would argue that you should be wearing boots with high sides. If you're in a place where there are lots of snakes. I would just prefer that you least were shoes. And we do see some barefoot people who come into the emergency department. And you're saying you were barefoot where wearing long pants can also help since most adults get bitten in the lower leg every year. There are thousands of snake bites in the US many involving children I've seen a number of patients in my career little kids who've been bid on the face or the dominant hand because that's what kids do they see this thing they reach out to touch it and bang. They get a snake bite a bite on the face is more serious than a bite on the leg or hand and children can get very sick very quickly. If someone gets bitten Morocco says call nine one one immediately. It looks like a burn infection. All and once you have swelling and blistering, and you can have some bleeding and some redness, that's when we know there's a lot of venom in the bite. Anti-venom drugs are highly effective, which is why you should get to a hospital as soon as possible. In the meantime, don't do anything that you see on the movies and TV Turner kits and cutting. An ex over the thing and sucking the venom out dramatically, none of that has any effect on the outcome of snake bites. Instead, stay calm motionless. If possible to slow down the distribution of snake venom in your body when you get injected with snake venom, it's just like getting shot. So the harder your heart beats the higher your circulation, the more mixing blood and venom and moving it around. So I'm gonna keep it as localized to. Where the snake bite is as possible. Ideally, lay flat on the ground until the ambulance

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