Suspicious package sent to Facebook may contain deadly poison sarin


Happening authorities have cleared the scene of a Facebook mail facility in Menlo Park just a few hours ago after nearly day long investigation into what was then the suspicious package that arrived there KCBS is Tim Ryan is live this morning at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park where the fear it was over a deadly sarin good morning Tim good morning to you yes this ended about as well as it could this massive emergency response lasted more than fourteen hours in the end it was a huge distraction maybe a learning experience but no one was injured and what ever it was mailed to Facebook on Monday it was not sarin and incredibly deadly substance developed in World War two era Germany the package was detected at a mail sorting facility here on Hamilton court about eleven AM on Monday it sounded like a piece of Facebook equipment sounded the alarm that Sarant was present for buildings were quickly evacuated several employees who handled that package were evaluated within hours there was a gigantic response Menlo fire state yes the FBI federal postal inspectors even nerve agent experts with the National Guard work here it was about one AM that the all clear was sounded mellow fire says no one was ever in any danger on site or offsite adding that the true identity of the substance should be known little later

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