GDPR has changed the way marketers communicate with their customers


Where over a year into GDP all over in Europe. And it's clear that marketers are still floundering consumers want personalized experiences, but they don't want to give their day to get it. So a marketing to do. And how can I keep that customers happy without a pairing creepy? Now, I recently spoke with Gary Vena choke on these podcast about this very topic. And he said to me, people do not care about privacy. Sure, they say they do, but they don't live. And they always go with experience, convenience and quality of product over privacy, and I thought this was so unpleasant. And it really blew me away and digital experience company. Akwa also tackled. This problem head on and got to the root of recently when they released their closing the ex-cop costumer experience trends report. And in that report, they serve a more than five thousand consumers and five hundred marketers across Australia Europe and North America and findings from that research, sheds light on the perception gap between consumers and marketers and what consumers care about and how mocked his combust reached them. So book elope, and hold on tight. So I can. Femural is all the way to Boston, so we can speak with. Acquis. CMO Lynn Kaposi. So massive. Warm, welcome to the show Lynn Kenny tell the listeners a little about who you are. And what you do. I Neil, thanks for having me. Sure. So name is Lynn Kaposi. I'm the chief marketing officer here at Aquileia, and we are a global company that helps our customers be what I call digital winners. And so we are a digital transformation company, and we provide a platform in

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