Under the Sea

Innovation Now


Nasa will join an international crew on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean this summer to prepare for future deep space missions shoes innovation now, NASA conducts analog, emissions or field tests in locations that have physical similiarities too extreme space environments, the Aquarius laboratory part of the Florida international university's undersea research habitat and the only undersea research station in the world, sits, sixty two feet below the ocean surface near key Largo, Florida, the interior of Aquarius provides a unique location for NASA to study behavioral effects of spaceflight such as 'isolation team, dynamics, fatigue, and sleep patterns and international crew of astronauts, and aqua, nuts will spend ten days in the habitat on one of Nasr's, extreme environment, mission oper-. Nations, the neem. Oh, twenty three crew will focus on spacewalks. Learn to use augmented reality for training and evaluate tools for collecting core samples on the lunar surface. These astronauts will be preparing for future exploration to the moon and Mars while under the sea for innovation now. I'm Jennifer pulley now is produced by the National Institute of aerospace through collaboration with NASA.

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