Joe Biden argues Republicans would work with him


Are very, very, very favorite. Bob Ceska show. I'm Stephanie Miller at six liberal podcast network. You, you said that you wondered why Joe Biden thinks Republicans will behave after Trump leaves office again, I've said over and over I like kill Biden, I will vote blue no matter who but I yeah, I just it really is. Like he's running in a different time, even people from the Obama administration were like what is he talking about, like Mitch McConnell was always an obstruction? Jerk. Right. I mean, well, how does he suddenly think like oh, they're all going to play nice with uncle Joe, right? Yeah. It's good. God. I am really, really conflicted when it comes to Joe Biden Biya's again, I'm not endorsing anybody at this point. I'm not I'm only really only half following the democratic primaries this point, but the fact is that I'm concerned because I think he's on his way to being the nominee. But I don't know if he's up to it because I'm saying that because I think he I don't know. He's on some sort of legacy tour. What does that he's doing, but he doesn't seem to have eat, not putting any elbow grease behind light, but I grew with you. And I get it. I mean, I you know, I think someone said it's make America decent again is kind of what he's in. I understand this Daljit for that for just some kind of normality in normalcy, excuse me, and. You know, indecency again, but yeah, he, I hate to say it, but he does seem a little not just old. You know what I mean? Because that's eight just I know, but just like you're right from a different era, like where Dick Cheney's decent guy, and Mike. Pence is a good guy in these guys will all work with me after Trump's gone. I'm like, no this. It's not just Trump. As you say anymore, as you say all the time, it's Trumpism look all the way down from McConnell to gates in Jordan are buncha Smirke. You know, we just over entitled frat guys, aren't they? Yeah. Yeah. Well, obviously, Joe Biden, forgets eight years of the Barack Obama administration, which is odd because he was part of that administration. I mean the centerpiece of it. And the fact is that Mike God the Republicans were relentless with Barack Obama. Despite the fact that Rogge Obama, basically had zero scandals during his presidency. The Endo indictment foods zero people going to jail zero people being investigated. And but nevertheless, they went after him for God, everything from the fact that he put puts gherkins in exile to the fact that he wore a tan suit. I know about the all sorts of things onto onto Barack Obama and it failed every single time until you think part of the key thing about Mitch McConnell. Joe Biden knows if anybody had a front row seat for the Mitch McConnell, was the one that, you know, C blocked them from saying anything that the American people about Russian interference and is now presently refusing to put forward, any bills to prevent rush. Election interference. He's hoping for it and wanting it and hoping, it's just Joe Biden thinks he's, you know, that guy is going to suddenly be nice guy after the

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