How Bad Science Killed A President

Science Vs


Come to you with a story who attell a tale of science madness and murder. Let's get to it. Okay. So I'm going to take you back to eighteen eighty one the civil war still fresh, the telephone has recently been invented, and this guy James gov, ILD has just been elected president. This is how I want to introduce it. That's my watch. Wendy's famous enough trumpet. Do we like this Garfield villa? What do you of we do like him actually gobbled was a general in the union army is very anti slavery, and it was a thoughtful guy. He liked to read and fund fact you're gonna love this. He is the only president to have ever proved a math theorem. Well, right. Gothard seemed destined for greatness, but he didn't get a chance to be great because he was assassinated. So to get into the story I've gonna take you somewhere. I'm going to take you to the national museum of American history in Washington. DC. Oh, you have your own realm is. Oh, you didn't need the mouth Trump. But I understand this is like an strain, getting to be easy him before the pit go. We're going to get the side and help us tell the story is Sarah Murphy. I am a collections manager in the division of political and military history. And I go token to Sarah about the guy who shot president Garfield and the assassin's name was Charles guitar. He was a little mentally unbalanced. He had delusions of grandeur so guitar trust to get a job with the government. They reject him for that job. And that, that tips him over the edge, and soon he thinks that God is talking to him. And telling him that he's got to do something. And then he just got in his head that he was being told by God that he needed to remove Garfield. So guitar buys a gun and he stopped following Goth field. And in eighteen ninety one the president doesn't have a security detail. Gothi LD is a sitting duck Hughes, basically stalking the president and watching where he was going had. Not how long full a couple of weeks. He's taking nights on every way he's going and basically figuring out when he's going to try and shoot him and the president. Of course, has no idea. He's in danger and on the morning of July. Second eighteen eighty one God's going out of town, the president's going on some vacation because the middle of summer holidays, and he heads to the train station to start his whole day like they got out of the carriages and walked in, and they would just gotten inside like they weren't because guitar was waiting for them. He knew that they were going to the train station that day, so he was essentially laying in wait, he had just this look on his face of, like calm and collected and raised his gun and. Fire the first shot that grazed Garfield arm. And that's when Garfield was like, oh my God. What is this guitar shoots again? These one nails president Garfield in the back the president falls to the ground and all hell breaks

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