Pelosi resists Democratic calls to start impeachment proceedings


Till the House Democratic caucus remains fragmented on the issue of impeachment of President Trump. Correspondent Linda Kenyon has the story. Speaker Nancy Pelosi remains cautious. About impeachment saying it is more important to conduct careful investigation and build an airtight case for impeachment rather than to charge headlong into impeachment proceedings house majority whip James Clyburn beliefs. That's true. Yes. Feel a big on. We've got all of these committees doing their work we have in hearings. We've already one two court cases, and their other cases that are still to be determined state of the union Kleiber says, Democrats must be careful to build a case that sticks. Is trying to do and the rest of us in the house of Representative. This is to the Vela process by which we can physically move on this issue. West Virginia Democrat, Joe Manchin, CBS face the nation. He does not believe impeachment is the right way to go a little over seventeen months to the next election. If you wanna go through impeachment we get very little done there. Anyway, we're get nothing done. If you go into that next, there's not one Republican in the Senate that would vote for impeachment, so why waste your time you have an election coming up Pinon there and make your choice, saying impeachment while lightly in the house is equally likely to hit a brick wall in the Senate house, intelligence committee, chairman Adam Schiff tells ABC's this week he agrees for now will look, I think we're going to do what's right for the country and at this point, this speaker has not reached the conclusion, I haven't either that is best for the country to put us through an appeasement preceding that we know is destined for failure in the Senate. Now that calculus bay chain. If the president continues to stonewall if the president continues to demonstrate his unfitness for office. But what if it's a close call a we have an important legislative agenda to try to advance a we have important oversight work? We can do outside the context of impeachment. Republican Senator Joe Kennedy on CBS face. The nation says impeachment just won't fly. And here's why impeachment polls right up there with skimmed milk among the American people, and Kennedy offer some advice for the Democrats, if you wanna do it go hard or go home. You know, if you want to do it go to Amazon, online boss, spine, and

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