Robert Pattinson's Batman Films Are a Trilogy: It's Bruce Wayne in 'Detective Mode,' Says Director


All right. So this one this story that, that I saw this week. I was very excited to bring into the show tonight, I found it, it, it's not an onion story. And I, particularly think it's hilarious. And you thought it was bad when they announced Ben Affleck, Robert Pattinson is officially the new Batman, the twilight actress set to play the Cape crusader in the Batman director, Matt Reeves film, scheduled for release in June of twenty twenty one Reeves was the filmmaker behind the last planet of the apes sequels athletes starting Batman in two titles directed by San by Zack Snyder Batman versus superman. Dawn of Justice in two thousand seventeen Justice league both films received mixed reviews and we're disappointment for Warner Brothers in its efforts to compete with marvel studios in the superhero. Realm patents in became a star following the breakout success of the five film, twilight franchise in which he portrayed. The vampire Edward Cullen opposite. Kristen stewart's. Bill Swann Jack, you're huge Batman fan, also now team Edwards. Well, okay. So Matt's of bigger, Batman fan than I am. I want to get to this in a moment, but I just had a conversation about this. Earlier today, one there was a great joke. Matt, you'll like this. And somebody said he's the worst vampire ever, because it took him ten years to turn into a bat. That is funny, and I have no problem with it all because the poor guy, I saw his stuff before he did twilight the hell of an actor and then he got pigeonholed into this awful, teeny Bopper, Rama thing that fortunately has given him this thing. He can't live down. So I'm gonna give him a shot. I have no problem with it as a giant Batman, nerd, only because Matt REEs, generally doesn't make crappy movies. So. As movies are really good. He did. Lord. He did the remake of let the right one in and actually generally really good. It's far as remix go, oh, those excellent. Yeah. I mean, he doesn't make bad movies for the most part. So I kind of trust his judgment, and he's he doesn't wanna do the over the top popcorn. Every five minutes and explosion type Batman movie. He wants to do a dark detective Noir story where you are showing Batman, using his skills, I've been wanting to see that in a movie for a really long time. So I'm okay with it. The guys at decent actor. Yeah. I don't know how to do is Bruce, Wayne. I think he'll do fine when he's in the costume you do. Yeah. I think it will. I think it'll be okay I trust Matt Reeves. I mean I don't. You never sold the twilight movies. I've only seen stuff he's done outside light, and it's always been fine.

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