Rocket-armed Cardinals closer Hicks has torn elbow ligament


The news thirst last hour jordan hicks has been diagnosed with a u._c._l._a. tear in his right arm not curious what u._c._l._a. is that usually what results in a tommy john surgery for a pitcher hicks left the game on saturday in the ninth inning with one out to go after the second out yati saw something and immediately called the trainers to the mound mike shelter after the game on saturday said things were all positive john mosaic lock here on cable malek's on sunday morning had this to say about hicks hope so you know you never wanna speak an absolute here but did have agreed conversation with our trainer this morning as well and he's pretty optimistic is this should be too conservative well team to them today and it came back with that u._c._l._a. tear and the team said that they are now awaiting the next step for

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