California governor proposes a $21 billion wildfire fund


Will California governor Gavin Newsom is proposing a multibillion dollar wildfire fun to help California's utilities, cover the mounting fire elated liability costs reporter Kupa, Rama with radio station. KNX in Los Angeles, has the story, the existing monthly surcharge of two and a half dollars was put into place in the early two thousand stirring, the state's energy crisis. It was set to expire next year but governor Newsom wants to extend it to create a multi billion dollar fund utilities can tap into, it would help them cover the cost of wildfire damage caused by their equipment. But only if the company has met the state's new safety standards. Deemed to be imprudent utility shareholders, have to pay this fund back, Jamie court with consumer watchdog says lawmakers have yet to draft legislation, which would implement the governor's plan. So the devil will be in the details. Bundy likes the concept in terms of principles. This is the right plan to make sure there's stability for the fire victims, get paid. That was Canucks radios Cooper, Rummell

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