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Biden on Buttigieg: 'He hasn’t been able to unify the black community'



Out of the White House he should be pending a metal on venemen and not on rush limbaugh. We should all stand colonel. Nice show of how much we supported. Stand up and clap for me get off. Apparently he's not alone. There's late word tonight. Ambassador Research Gordon Sunlen has been abruptly recalled from the EU not onstage today because he's not competing in the earliest dates billionaire businessmen Mike Bloomberg the former mayor of New York. The president seems to view the Republican Party. It's a cult. That will defend anything. He does or says no matter. How lawless or reckless there are millions of people who can desire to run for office? But I guess if you worth sixty billion dollars and you could spent several hundred million dollars aud commercials. You'll have a slight advantage. Dot is not such look. I don't think anyone ought to be able to buy their way Into a nomination or to be president of the United States and Bernie Sanders came out of Iowa in the lead Joe Biden running a distant fourth in Iowa sought to lower expectations here too and took a hit. I'll probably take it here on. Healthcare Tonight Biden went on the attack. Barney's plan costs double double what the taxpayers are paying taking aim at one of Sanders. Signature campaign promises Medicare Medicare for all. Look at the numbers. How much is it going to cost? WHO'S GONNA pay for it? It will cost more than the entire the entire federal budget. We spend now. ABC's David Muir pressed boot `age about his criticism of Biden's vote to authorize war in Iraq. You said it's the difference between tenure and judgment that it's the judgment that matters not the time in Washington Vice President Biden as you know voted. Yes as commander in chief. Do you believe your judgment would be better better than the vice president's. I believe that I have the judgment to help us get through these situations where obviously the vice president made the wrong decision when it came to such such an important moment in our foreign policy I made a mistake I set in fourteen years. God trusted George Bush to keep his word. He said he was not going to go into Iraq he he said he was only using this to unite the United Nations Sanders chimed in on that. I also heard the arguments in terms of the war in Iraq from Bush from Cheney Cheney from John Bolton from the administration I listened very carefully and I concluded that they lying through their teeth tonight Sanders Sanders was asked about Hillary Clinton's recent comments sharply critical of him. Just yesterday on Ellen. For instance a few promise the moon and you can't deliver the moon. Then that's going to be one more indicator of how we just can't trust each other. Our job is to look forward and not back to two thousand sixteen and I hope that Secretary Clinton and all of us can come together and move in that direction. One big theme tonight was how best to appeal. Took all Americans look. We gotTA stop taking the Black Community for granted. That's the starting place. No I'm glad to stand on this stage with my fellow. Democrats who talk about how important. The black community is at least at election time here after year after year election after election after election. Democrats go to people in the black community and say boy. We really care about these issues. Racism is terrible we all want to do something and then somehow the problem just seems to keep heap getting worse. Criminal Justice issues came up in that context. How do you explain the increase in black arrests in south bend under your leadership for marijuana the possession but again the overall rate was lower increase the year before you were an office it was lower has struggled gold to attract support among African Americans? These things are all connected. But that's the point so we're all of the things that need to change in order for us to prevent violence and remove the effects of systemic racism not just from criminal justice from our economy from health from housing and from our democracy itself. Senator Warren is that that a substantial answer from their merge no this democratic debate rather to be trumped the party needs to excite the base ace or unite the middle whether energy or experience matters more and most importantly who has the total package to be trump trump. I'm a fresh face up for presidential debate and I figure Pete that fifty nine my age is the new thirty eight up here. The second the thing I think about this and that is okay there. You go meeting the moment. Next Tuesday New Hampshire voters get their

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Biden on Buttigieg: 'He hasn’t been able to unify the black community'

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