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Jamie Loeb on not letting results define her


Hey everyone listening the tennis dot Com podcast with American pro. Love Jamie Lobe. She's telling us about the ups and downs of her career on the pro tour. Keep listening you mentioned a team now. We know that here in midland joined by Ed Germain Jenkins. He has worked the past with Naomi Osaka so kind of a semi famous name. What's that experience been like? Yeah you know. I was super excited when I heard that he is going to be kind of charged me during preseason and this year. USDA and You know really grateful to have him and his experience. I really like working working with him. And I you know we agree on Pretty much everything and just seeing his You know point of view on certain things and even asking him questions about you know oh players at the top level what are they doing differently But yeah like you know between owning than he was hitting partner so he's had quite the resume and it's pretty the Cool to be around him. Is there anything. That's kind of stuck out that. He said that he has probably they're used or you know the top players did that. You were like that resonated did with you because you know sometimes coaches can say something and sometimes it doesn't stick but it just depends on how someone says it. I think more so when we're talking about things thinks he's looking at big picture and for me He's you know he's like top hundred fifty like when we're working on things after matches like look if you want to get to this level like doc. This isn't gonNA fly or like you need to get better at this so I think it's good putting things in perspective because it's so easy to focus on the now instead of you know and maybe like three six like one year Threes there six months down the road or a year down the road and I think he always like just brings back so for me until I kind of get Outta my head and stop thinking about now but thinking about okay. What's GonNa be what's going to make me better for the next six months to a year from now it's challenging though because as you've been ranked as high as as the one thirties right? You've been up there she you know but then rankings change and every year is different. He's a bad your last year. How have you managed to cope with expectations? Sion's probably your own because you only fears in. You're still very young but you can kind of get sick of it right. Yeah I feel like a veteran at this point. Irene in is rolling her eyes at me. 'cause I've been playing also since junior is but fulltime. I think it's about five years now. Something like that How injury last year and then confidence one away and it just took a while and then from that wasn't enjoying being on core and then I was just trying to force things and then all of a sudden when I least expected I go and win a tournament when I really didn't think I was going to or really didn't want to be there and then things just change? It just takes one match one tournament for everything to change but at the same time you know these common things not enjoying playing and being out there that kind of creeps in when you're not doing well and you kind of have to take the time to realize like look. Do I need a break or can I push through. And that's kind of the battle. I had last last years well last year you were also I mean. We also have to mention the fact that you made finals here. Two years ago two years ago. Yes so last year. You were defending finals points and unfortunately lost to Mattie second round had a tough drugs we played each other the year before so I mean just that many points and you know losing early in that match in that tournament when you're defending finals. I mean that can also change your year lot and that was was that probably the the biggest amount of points accrue that you were defending ever I believe so. Yeah those definitely I think the most I've had to defend so. Yeah that was. It's tough and then two weeks later. I sprained my ankle. So yeah and that was. That was a struggle learned a lot throughout that time. Time but Ended up playing a couple tournaments when I definitely should not have and then ended up having to take two months off so everything was kind of pushed back. In that time frame I did have more points coming off and then by the time I came back I just I was not confident at all. So there's a slight turning point then in October when you one in Dallas Tonight your your eighth idea which is what were you thinking before. I mean if we didn't want to be there you don't WanNa play and then you end up winning. It doesn't really. I don't quite understand. Yeah it's crazy how things happen I go up a set and four one and One of the US coaches Jordan. Belga was there with me After I got four one turn to him and I'm like I don't WanNa be here anymore and I think his face was like And then of course so I lost next two games but then I ended up. I think winning four and three and from that match or Mike Okay and then I honestly started playing better With each match I think just mentally. I wasn't in a good place going into it and part of me was thinking I might call it a year after that tournament. I actually spoke to Irena a little bit Prior prior to that. I'm like what shed Douche stop now but maybe I can do well. Maybe I can get points. It's just that constant vicious cycle of points money any but then you kinda lose yourself and kind of like self love and self care. Yeah funny should mention that I remember last year I made up behind the racket. Post host and I remember getting a message from you. And it was one of those moments where vicious like girl I've been there we I've been through it. You know let's have a phone phone call and not taking credit for your win but you know we did speak before that credit for that. I don't know it was all you but You Know I. I don't feel like I asked this question enough but I I'm curious. What is it that drives you to keep going? I think for me. I'm stubborn than sons. Were like I I just. I don't know I want to or maybe not stubborn aware but like I just want to start like if I start something like I i WanNa finish it and I WANNA say like look I gave it my all and I don't think I was like ready to stop. Maybe I should have taken a actual break or a as long enough break. I don't really think I took any break but I think I'm just so motivated to do well and prove to myself that like look I can and do this and I think I just love the competition and I'm just really determined with everything I do but I just know myself and I know I wouldn't be satisfied if if I were to stop because at the end of the day like I do love competing and giving myself a chance and I don't WanNa look back and say I didn't do that or fulfill that no stone left unturned right. Yeah right no regrets no regrets. Do you ever feel like maybe the motivation might be. Or how do you stay motivated to be like okay. Maybe the next tournaments my right one the next thing is going to turn around or do you ever just think like. Why am I doing this combination of all of that? Sometimes I'm like. I don't know what's going to happen this week week. Someone like all right. I got this but then I lose first round and some weeks like Dallas. I'm like I don't want to be here and win the tournament. So honestly it's a coin flip live like your mind is You know it's crazy what your mind can do but sometimes you know thinking that way it kind of takes pressure off of you and you just go in with no expectations. I think I've learned to try not to define myself as a person With my results. It's really hard to and you know I'm a perfectionist. I WanNa do well and everything and I wanNA win and succeed. But I've done a better job of just separating myself and then the tennis player and I think that's a big thing by yeah week after week. I feel like the mentality just changes depending where you are to you like. There's some places you know may not want to go to so then you're like Like am I really motivate and other places I guess Midland. I'm highly motivated here because I really enjoy by the people in the crowd so mike always up for. But even when you're down you still have to find a way to kind of persevered through that and do you feel ever pressure. Sure from like maybe your support system family or your sister or USDA to keep going even though maybe sometimes you want to break. I sure I think I tend to care too much with other people. Say and think. And that's kind of a downfall going to please everybody and then I end up not pleasing myself and doing something for myself ourself. So I've battled with myself with that I don't think it's necessarily on anyone. It's just how I feel and you know maybe sometimes my family you know they're always watching me or following and sometimes it's a lot and you know it is pressure but I've grown up doing that and living through that hat so I kind of expected by now but I just need to do a better job of just being like it doesn't matter what anyone else things just matters how I feel if I'm happy if I feel like I'm doing the right thing. Then that's all that matters happy. I love hearing that. I don't hear that enough from tennis players. I mean it's it's so result base driven. You know you get so so many e- even last night you know after you win your match or whatever the first question is you know how you feel second question did you play. How'd you play? And then the third question is typically. Well you play this person next like you know it's never like you go ahead and enjoy this win. Take this moment and I remember last night. You know you asked me you were like hey. Do you want to know who you play next like. Nah I just WanNa and I just want to enjoy this one a little bit maybe just process acid and yeah I can totally relate to what you're saying about you know your whole life. You're just you're just a tennis player. Yeah everyone when you go to family functions. How's through tennis? Yes this yeah lately. That's just annoyed me more because I I have even snapped. Sorry mom but like I've snap at her. Mike Mom Likes. Stop asking me. How practices like just ask me how I am? She's like I I'm like yeah but then you always follow it up with you know house practice houses like does it really matter her and sometimes I'm like all if I wanNA talk to you about it. I'll talk to you about it but you know. I think all of us like we're more than tennis player and it's tough because family family. Family Friends You know people watching us on TV. They think of us as tennis player. That's why you know behind the racket We both have done it. Noah's it's a really good friend of mine. I think it's a great platform to just showcase like you know the struggles that we do go through and just show lobe of our personality As well since a lot of people don't get to see that

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