Leverkusen beat Dortmund



Imagine. Imagine the Bundesliga on Saturday and entertaining one as well fifth-place Leverkusen hosting third-place Dortmund John Making his first start for Dortmund the twentieth minute Leverkusen's strikes. I Kevin Volant Shiva punish filings all over the show. He's on site. I look at us for the funny spot. Plastic game was back and forth. Just two minutes later. Matt's homeless that our night service to the near post talking with a free run at the ball great headed to the far post. One one saw him at the top of the highlight. You'll see again here thirty second minute. Amre Giancarlo Giancarlo. I mean what field things techy spot and then delivers I mean. Look at the wet. A top corner no keeper. Courtesy Dies Dortmund up to one heading to the half hold on a second volun- again due to good service to the fire. Pose a little long walls full bag to a dangerous area. Queen contact contact through the legs of the defender to Jaden Sancho in the fifty. Second Minute GonNA score however I don't know if you guys have heard of this this this thing called VR all. Yeah we're going way back and the guy who actually gets in trouble here too you know Lonnie Raina youngster for foul. How earlier in the build-up still two fifty eight rain and trying to atone and Lucas Reinecke to say deflation Mueller. That makes it hard for the sixty third ave it's off. The Post goalkeepers going far pose no closer to the near post but not so much and finally just minutes after that a breakthrough through the ghetto. Nice Low Baltim-. He's angle bookkeeper look seven of living covered but he flashy bomb coma. Dortmund out three to less than half an hour to play what could go wrong. Well Here's a start the on on daily. How about that fool finish finish by Liam Bailey by the defending where the center bikes? It's so easily broken as by the lines at ball through nobody picking up the tagging player sliding challenge this talent up through the fetal Liam Bailey. Three things go from bad to worse Sir door in just a minute later bars bender. Four three Leverkusen support was through settling Pitkin Bender Bahia tax it and said glancing header off the pools last chance here for dorm and ninetieth over the bar. No no no no no. I'm not sure why he's jumping is in anti position. He's wide open. All yes they do put his head on and he jumps amid. Stein's it for three Leverkusen. Big Win for Leverkusen Dortmund missing out on a chance to he'd been touching distance with the top. Two nobody in Munich and Leipzig will meet tomorrow tomorrow. In unit now Dortmund's recent results have been exciting however they have been scoring and shipping some goals of late there. We see it And then the four conceded against Leverkusen today of course Dortmund going to face off against a PS G in the Champions League. Frank Michael Booth with us now Frank if you're fan you've got to be loving what you're seeing from Dortmund's defense. Yeah maybe but nobody nobody. Nobody

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