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Los Angeles: QB Philip Rivers To Leave Chargers, Enter Free Agency:


The Philip rivers thing is really interesting because there's a whole bunch of things going on number one. The chargers need to find a new quarterback. The chargers need to find somebody to kind of become their guy here in this city. Philip rivers is may or may not play again where does he go and and then there's just the totality of Philip rivers career at this point. He's I think he's going to get in the hall of fame. Because it feels like good quarterbacks get into the hall of fame but he his career is a little bit of a mixed bag because he's the numbers are great. They've won a bunch of games but they've never been to the Super Bowl. I think they've only been in the AFC championship the game. Once in his career he played a long time he sees it one of those. It's really really nice and this is the thing about La. I know allies career is is a mixed bag to but there are two super bowl. Wins in that thing. There's a bunch of Nice long play offerings. Philip rivers has really never had that. I'm wondering if he's low key odor. The Matt Stafford met staffer when he does say goodbye is going to have some healthy numbers. And he's not going to have very much postseason success. And he's GonNa kind of be a guy and I know that doesn't sound like a good thing to say about Philip rivers because he's had occurred as better better than Stafford but the reality is that he's going to be remembered in the same grouping as Matt Stafford big numbers. No postseason success. Yeah you think about it. I mean ah you. Let's do the game real quick. Best Charger quarterback rivers is not Dan. Fouts Philip Rivers for me like Dan. fouts is still the guy that oh I think of when just off the top of my head and Philip Rivers has had a really nice career but he to me and make me. I mean you said Philip Rivers I but to me. It's still Dan fouts. Stan Humphries freeze is not the best quarterback in charge. He's not going to the super bowl super bowl so it's not the best ever which I think fouts is that guy and if you're not the guy that took him to the Super Bowl who are where are you in this whole thing and oh by the way. There's this whole element which absolutely sucks Philip rivers. I'm not a charger fan. I'm not not necessarily a Philip rivers fan but it sucks that they're the dude is homeless in a football sense and I'm not talking about where he goes with. Its indie or Miami or Tampa. He doesn't belong belong to anybody anymore because the chargers came to La Nobody in La Cares about Philip rivers as a football player. We don't have any history with him. We don't have any great. I remember seeing Filbert's do x Y and Z people. People Sandiego certainly do lay there anymore. And he doesn't even play for that team anymore. He's down the road. So who does he belong to at this point. He belongs to the San Diego chargers which don't exist anymore lousy guy that's had that career should have a home forever and he won't

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Los Angeles: QB Philip Rivers To Leave Chargers, Enter Free Agency:

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