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We're joined today by a very special guest asked Colleen Murphy known to nightclubs the world as DJ. COSMO welcome colleen. We'll be talking later about Lydia lunch launch and featured writer Darrell easily. But let's start with the main reason we've asked you'd to enter the world's back pages cover they tell. Tell us a little bit of wells February. This year is the fiftieth. I Love David. Mine cruisers loft passes you playing in New York at the fiftieth anniversary of the music. Yes yeah would it be fed cycling. The you are sort of Dave Matthews representative on. I think that's a few days few people I think one thing. That's very important to say about the Loft and David is is that he didn't think the party was even just about him And it's really about a sense of community. I am one of the caretakers Roy. And that's how he would speak. Speak to me about it and then meet considered himself a caretaker of the loft. I mean it was very much she said like the loft is a given name. I should back up because he I started doing parties in his own. Home at six forty seven Broadway picture phone. Google Street still fibrous building. Think he started throwing informal party in one thousand nine hundred sixty eight years that I was born and he didn't really make them into proper weekly party. He is with a contribution until February fourteenth nineteen seventy and he called it. A love saves the day but then the law was given name because it was a law. People are you're going. Hey going over there to that. Law became the name of the Party. Yeah well let's go. I will go by. When did you first when you start really getting the music? When did you start? DJ -ING Myself. One thousand nine hundred eighty two when I was fourteen. Wow I had A. I was quite lucky. I had a radio station in my high school. Alive is ten watts got basically to the edges of my town. My small suburban New England towns where I was the only one that played music. That wasn't top forty already and that wasn't classic rock. Although we did have one Christian music special not my show and I had a radio show for four years so the first year I was actually playing fifties and sixties speak. Because I was really into that. I was reading my uncle's record collection at the time and I had grown up. My parents didn't listen to a lot of music music at home but when we listen to music in the car and a Sunday drive we listen to people like Wolfman Jack still had a syndicated radio show and another one was already woo Ginsburg art show and she was all like the all those oldies and I just knew them inside and out and then my uncle lived if down the street from me and I used to raid his record collection. Because I I was given A. Ge Trim Line Record Player portable record player. Hand me down when I was about twelve. And that's when I really started getting properly into albums. The first one was Moody Blues Days of Future Past. That was my first obsession. Actually there's a proper album album. That's twelve the following year but my first year in high school freshman year. I had that old show the next year I started to more expensive. Expansive kind of new wave shows GALVEZ Castillo. Lot of Elena lavish fifty. Two's a little bit hard core stuff do that. It was kind of coming out really into black flag and the evanger all sorts of like the T. scene and then the following year. I had a show my friend. Mary crusoe called PUNK FUNK and junk. And that's where the name Cosmo was born because she became remix remix and I came cozma because there was a bound electro bound call nucleus and they had their. Dj was 'cause Moan. It's yell. Cosmo Gimme a beat. We we had sweatshirts that we may with our names on the back. We rock around arguing. Glenn High School you know no one else really was into that music and and then my final year. I had a show called strawberry alarm clock because I was still into sixty stuff. There was the whole kind of Paisley popping that was going on and I was working at a record shop. It was this chain store at that time called strawberries and because I had a show in the morning I worked at strawberries. Strawberry alarm clock and that was very eclectic. Six show pickup from a strawberry alarm clock to Chardonnay to black flag. To I mean it was just whatever my found was so yeah. I think I'll all ten listeners. Left at ease from the to some discussions Our B let's pick trajectory. I mean having said got my first GIG that I went to was the funk. FESTS and Providence Rhode Island's gap one way grandmaster Melle and bark as it was also going to few kind of Electrobi- clubs and Roxbury like my mom knows this mom. If you're listening to before center later I was into of course prince you know and slept out for tickets for the purple rain tour later. The cleaners tonight on Worcester Massachusetts so but luckily in Boston. Because I was outside Boston. We have great radio because we had college. Radio stations actually also brown station to Providence. Had a really good funk show and we had kissed one away with Sunny Joe White and so it was a commercial kind of I hate saying the word black music because I just don't think music has a color but I was going to do it for simplicity's sake right now and I used to listen to his show to. This is quite eclectic. I wouldn't say that wasn't the music. I was collecting and really it was quite a trajectory because I moved to New York Nine hundred eighty six eighty six okay and I went to Nyu and the reason I picked NYU's. I had to get out of Boston. It had the best college radio stations in the country. And I knew that's what I wanted and I knew that's where I wanted to be an somehow. We scrambled together loans and scholarships and got there. Because I was the first kid in my family to go to university. It wasn't expected to make sure and I went in the first week to. WNYC stations that high want to work work here and that they became my it was my family was my home intact and I ended up becoming program director and into the whole bunch of radio shows including the anchor show which was the new the afternoon. Show which is a three and a half hour drive time show where we played everything from like Nick Cave to the Belgian stuff. That was coming out of the cold ways stuff to you know to the four. AD cocteau twins Dunkin downs to everything so that was great. And then after that I produced syndicated radio shows I interviewed a lot of these bounds. Probably hundreds of pounds really that was syndicated to I think. Two hundred radio stations across country college radio stations. It was called Music View. And I even like you know a huge butthole surfers found at that time tall leary fifteen times and I. I mean Nick Cave loads of people I kind of and then all the Brit- British stuff too. Because I had always been an anglophile because growing up I was really into new order. J in addition in the Smith and seeing all these bounds of the cure fats down on stage. You want to dismiss legendary Gigs Boston so I was really and an anglophile as well. I was interviewing lows of bands like the verve and away Sis Anita all these bounds as well but I started going to save his. Party's we'll probably find Jim Sullivan's review of that show where she danced on the stage. And then I looked it up before because it was less. It's amazing one thing that's amazing. What the Internet is you can find? Old Settlers started listening to my first grateful dead show over and over last week. Some army onto a slight like March twenty second nine hundred eighty seven. The opening of the Spring Tour in Virginia Beach started listening to that. And you can find all track lists and I can find a photo the butthole surfers show the channel that I went. I mean it's amazing what you can find so. I did research and the smiths that that Smith's game was quite a big

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