OneWeb launches 34 satellites for space-based internet service


Sad as we learn musk's private SpaceX company talks about going public the service is slowly launching more of the expected forty two thousand satellites that will blanket the earth and high speed internet late last year as SpaceX starlink ready for launch must told journalists that for the service to become economically viable they would need around one thousand satellites which way around five hundred pounds but the service which will compete with Amazon one web in a radium could rake in billions of dollars in revenues unlike existing satellite delivered internet which orbit twenty two thousand miles overhead starlink will be just a few hundred miles up which will offer lower latency connections basically the time from when you click on a link to when information starts flowing musk says receivers on the ground will be simple antennas that he says look like a UFO on a stick providing service direct to consumers could also alleviate concerns about government stepping in to prevent the service

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