Everything we know so far about the 2020 iPad Pro update



There's a new IPAD pro coming out one of the things things they can do to refresh it because it's probably not gonNA look that different in terms of the industrial design because I just redesigned it. The new cameras on the back but one of the ways they could do it and I mentioned this when we were talking about are like the year what was going to happen this year and wishlists and all of that was one thing you can do is upgrade the keyboard like you don't have to upgrade the IPAD pro hardware. Where necessarily as much? But you could take that smart keyboard design and offer either a brand new fancy smart keyboard or offer a second smart keyboard. You'd like Microsoft. Did for awhile right. I don't know if they still do where it's like. You can get the the cheaper smart keyboard or Microsoft keyboard or you can get the fancier more keyboard award like more features backlit whatever fancy keyboard and what you can get with that. Like that is a fervor differentiate between the IPAD pro. Oh and the other ipads because they can all use. The Smart Keyboard now is different right right so this'll be a pro smart keyboard bro. Let's say he's got back lighting. And maybe it's got some different different things and then maybe part of the story because remember. It's all about telling stories you know even though it's centered on that keyboard it's also a story about using the the IPAD pro in keyboard contexts and without it a brand new version of IPAD. Os which they're not gonNA have until the fall. How do you make the case that like keyboards on the IPAD or well? One Way to help support the case for this product roll out. It's happening in March is to throw some keyboard features into the midstream Iowa's update and that that so yeah that's feels to me. I look at this and I think we'll there's totally a keyboard story in whatever they're releasing in March. Because why else would you pull this stuff out you could this stuff it could very easily be. IOS Fourteen ipad fourteen in fact arguably like if you're if you're hunting around for features for the IPAD so that you don't have your IPAD. Os released seems scant. You would hold onto this right. But they're not because presumably they've got an IPAD prior to launch and they want launch it with a keyboard story and the keyboard story is is probably centered on that new smart keyboard. But it's probably more than that. It's probably also pro story about like look at all the different ways people using the IPAD pro WPRO and it's so powerful and you can put keyboard on it and there are lots of different keyboard options and it's it's a little bit more but it's still part of that same story that they will tell on a stage somewhere in March presumably exciting. I lyrics right. Think right like we're pad keyboard fishing. Yeah Yeah so the. I've had getting better at keyboards is great and I actually think in the long run regardless of the hardware does these changes are going to be the big because it means that apps are going to start being way better at the keyboard than they are now. I expect games will be better. I think Gamer game developers were really frustrated Australia by this. Especially but I know that also more pro tool kind of stuff apps that are used with keyboards have been frustrated by the keyboard limitations on the IPAD versus Amac and then the the renaming. The modifier keys is just like it's not system like keyboard shortcuts which also want but it is a solid solid improvement in the usability of keyboards to be able to set those modifiers to be what you want instead of having to take whatever. The keyboard does out of the box which like. I said. There are a lot of really nice keyboards that are windows. Format keyboards on the MAC. You just recap them and you're done you plug them into an IPAD and it's like oh no right like you can't do that so now you'll we'll be able

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