Young girl hit by foul ball at Houston Astros game has permanent brain injury, lawyer says



The injury of a very young Astros fan as spurred more safety measures across the league more than seven months since a line drive thou ball at Houston's minute maid park fractured the skull of a young girl who had been sitting in her grandfather's lap at an Astros game an attorney for the family of the child says the two and a half year old now takes anti seizure medication for her brain injury that affected her central nervous system in a way that is described by doctors as the equivalent of a stroke attorney Richard Matt Hoff tells the Houston Chronicle that the girl suffers periods of staring spells on responsiveness nightmares and frequent headaches no legal action has been filed all thirty major league baseball stadiums will be safe for next season all ball parks we'll have extended safety netting and seven will feature protective netting from foul pole to foul

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