President Trump says 'all is well' after Iran attack


The president said Iran will never have a nuclear weapon he said American should be happy that no harm was done there were no casualties in those attacks minimal damage sustained he said that the nations of the world have tolerated rand's destabilizing and destructive behavior and cold in the chief state state sponsor of terrorism he said that he took a decisive action and very clearly at his direction to take out general Soleimani he said general sum up so money was accused of planning attacks against American targets and that the US stopped him his tone was very aggressive at he said the US will administer additional ECC economic sanctions immediately against Iran and he said that the missiles that were fired against those arac bases were actually funded with money made available by the last administration making a political attack as part of this comment and he said he pivoted to talking about the country's reliance on energy in the past from the Middle East and said that we no longer need to rely on Mideast oil he's the under his administration he is real rebuilt the US armed forces with it two and a half trillion dollar investment he described big powerful legal missiles but he also said that the United United States does not need to use them and does not want to use them he described our military and economic strength as the best deterrent and pointed to the recent killing of the leader of ISIS as another example of his administration's foreign policy and success and then he finishes remarks by speaking directly to the I Iranian people and said that he wants the United States wants to work for the best future that they could have available and once the United States wants to pursue peace so not ours just a quick summary of the remarks that we just heard from president trump in the aftermath of these attacks joining me now we will go back one more time to New York times around reporter for now as if to see he for NAS you were listening to the president's remarks in particular he ended by speaking directly to the Iranian people what is what did you take from it what how do you feel like that his message will be received by the Iranian people I think my take away the way I read it was that Iran and US war has been averted for now Tom called for peace he said we want a better future for Iran and its leaders he said they were willing to embrace peace he what he said that the US should be grateful because there's no casualties and that the bases and and equipment of the old has suffered minimal casualties but the most important thing he said here is that the US is willing to embrace peace with Iran if they wanted and in with Iran comment saying our operations are ending we don't want war with the US we can concludes that neither side wants to see this escalated and they definitely want to see if you you're listening to the Brian Lehrer show I'm bridge Bergen filling in for Brian Lehrer and we're talking about the president's recent remarks from the White House in the aftermath of Iran's missile attacks in Iraq last night joining the conversation is Associated Press White House correspondent Jonathan lemaire John are you there hi John this is your own W. Hey I'm here how you doing great John welcome to a welcome back to WNYC you were I'm sure paying as close attention to the president's remarks as we were each one of the things that is stuck up stuck out to me were some of the political at the statements that the president managed to weave into those remarks particularly his comment about how the missiles that struck those Iraqi air bases were funded by money made available by the last administration and what was your take away from it oversaw this president Mrs no opportunity to take a swipe at his predecessor he blames president Obama for a number of the crises domestic and foreign that he has on his plate let's course keep in mind the price he has now been president for nearly three years but yet does not ever sort of missed opportunity to you hold Obama responsible instantly on a rant this is an issue where you know he he rather campaign is very critical of the Iran nuclear deal he has been he was upset at the president Obama's attempt to war to stop with warmer relations with her on so even in this speech here which obviously yeah the nation to war may not just nation the world is watching in the aftermath of the strikes on the no traditional rock yesterday the president this president was so eager to get that's life and I think my overall take way though is this is an attempt to escape the escalation this is not something the president was we're looking for offering up to this crisis support our reporting over recent days and they were certainly there was some saber rattling here establishment of new sanctions these these are real he certainly issued warnings to Iran to change its behavior but at the end of the day there's no further escalation has noticed there's no he's not calling in other strikes back at least for the moment we have a pause in the house of

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