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Music station Jesse Levine I'm in for judge on the radio tonight and for really good sad reasons I'm I'm filling in for him because he had a rock to rush home his his daughter so if you have an accident on the gymnastics mats and broke her arm and it's been a long day we're thinking about you Sofia we love you and tomorrow night with Joe Joe hosts the the I heart radio I'm release party was Selena Gomez if you go to this you got to say hi to Jo Jo and and and and given the well wishers some sort a gift for his daughter Sophie there's been a crazy day for her today okay so speaking of that event with Selena Gomez we have another pair passes to give out right now judge on the radio will be your host tomorrow night from our I heart radio theatre eight hundred five two well one oh two seven if your caller wanted to you get the tickets it's a pair of and judges good interview Selena they'll be going through clips of the song

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