Iraqi Parliament Votes to Expel All American Troops

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On Sunday the Iraqi occupying move to expel the US troops exam at her Kumana Lafayette? The healthy added up. It wasn't a an incredibly convincing. Vote it most Sunni and Kurdish. MP stage away all of E. N.. Peace in the Chamber at the time was Shia been happened though is equal what. NFL A woman isn't a unified position in the country but it was a parliamentary majority. This is Liz sly on the bay loop Yoichi for the Washington Post the Madden Wapakabhulo. Got Up that vote in the Iraqi parliament was in response to the drone strike. That killed Major General Qassem Soleimani and several other people including Iraqi military commander and that attack happened on Iraqi soil. Right outside the country's biggest airport toward the rockies were absolutely furious and if you remember this is came just a few days of members of Iraqi militia were killed in an ashtray insider Iraq which has already triggered outrage in Iraq seen the US embassy get students. And I'm trying to think in people burning reception gates and this nation of somebody who was one of Iraq's is closest allies really the Iraqis over the edge they were absolutely livid. And what are the prime minister. Say about this. The Prime Minister Cool Hilditch an outrage. He said it was a violation of Iraqi sovereignty. A violation of all the rules and to which has troops are operating in our because is the only there was to fight Islamic state than not supposed to be taking the orioles into Iraq. So that's true then. This is actually a violation of how the US and Iraq are supposed to be interacting than in situations like this the US was supposed to give a rock advance notice that they were going to try to do something like this. Yes and it's quite here as well that Iraq would not allow them to do this because they have very close relations kestler money. He's he's sort of the chief. Chief enforcer of Iran's will in Iraq and he funds all the militias he holds enormous interest mention the country. There's no way they would have given permission for this so then. How do they intend to respond to this? I mean the big was sponsors. The vote Newark in parliament on Sunday. Now this was not a binding law. It wasn't binding resolution. But when you think about it that U. S. went for rocket richly in two thousand and free to install democracy Z.. Bay Pretty much draft at the constitution that created this parliament and a majority in parliament is now sick. They don't want the US troops. It's very difficult for them to justify staying under these circumstances and so what would a withdrawal look like. Or what would that process look like now that they voted in parliament. Are they taking next steps to actually come up with a formal process of essentially kicking out. US troops well. This is where it gets very interesting interesting because the letter was leaked by the Prime Minister's Office yesterday but the Prime Minister had received yesterday from the US military and basically said it. It basically informed the Iraqi military to be aware that extra US troop movements for great be taking place ads the US prepared to pull out. Troops from Iraq in accordance with the sovereign was just gone the decision in the occupied event. Now look very much as this as if if the slash was giving notice that the US intending to withdraw from Iraq. The reaction in Washington was like no we haven't made any such decision led to present mistake. It was only a draft and it doesn't mean anything it really does look like the. US is actually starting into laid the groundwork lady for the process of rejoin those troops. We know that have been some movements at airport tubes. Moving from some places to other places it beginning to look if they're putting the steps in place at least two down the presence if not to bring about a complete withdrawal now of course a compete with royal would tape probably weeks or months because there's a lot of troops. There's a lot of equipment they want expecting this but yeah I think there's a sense in Iraq at the moment and the beginning of the end Come well it's also interesting because it it feels like Sola money's killing kind of laid. Bare are some existing tensions over how the US thinks about and respects the sovereignty of Iraq. And I'm wondering if there are other ways that has become apparent over the last couple of months or last couple years of the. US maybe not treating Iraq the way that a quote unquote equal partner should be treated needed. Yes I think it's fair to say that as being a real breakdown of in stage of the. US Rachi relationship in recent is a relationship that really became certainly very close. During the last years of the Bush administration was abandoned to a certain extent by the Obama Administration but not so much as leaving the patches it by trump. He didn't try and meet Iraqi leaders when he went to see the troops at Alice had bad air base. For example he just went in and saw the troops as as if his relationship with the Iraqis Persson important I mean he all his tweets all of his inconstant statements about the US wanting to be finished with endless war. It's his constant statements about the. US only wants the oil. All of that has left. People in the Middle East in general and in Iraq can particular wondering what is that. US on sound are they staying ave going. And meanwhile in those years Iraqis realizing that they are going to have to live with the Iranians on their border for the rest of the time and that the Americans can't be counted on it might not stay So is this a moment where the the Iraqis are basically saying we should be thinking about prioritizing our relationship with Iran more than any of what remains of of our relationship with the United States. I think the Iraqis come to see the presence of U. S. troops on ness. Oil Soften being stabilizing facts. Shit that helps them to balance. The relationship with Iran actually could be a destabilizing factor. cousy could bring an von U. S. war to their territory. But what's ironic about this situation. Is that at least ostensibly one of the things that led to the. US is decision to To Kill Sola money was was because he was exerting all this influence in Iraq but if this killing ends up with the US withdrawing from Iraq or being kicked out of Iraq. Doesn't that give give Iran. Basically exactly what it wanted in the first place is is an opportunity for Iran to increase their influence in Iraq will absolutely and the whole point of these tax on the US basis which Sulejmani was organizing was to convince the Americans it can stick it out to Faruk. They were hoping that president trump wouldn't have the appetite for war with Iran. Wouldn't fight back and rather than suffer. US casualties in an election year. that he would just pull out the troops and this was Sulaiman's mission if you like now that he has died his his life's goal will is going to be accomplished. And I'm curious how Iraqis feel about this like. Is there widespread support for the idea of you've strengthening ties to Iran and getting rid of US influence or is it more complicated than that. It's sound game night that it's not it. I choose much more complicated. I believe most rockies do not want that country to be a vessel stage in Iran I believe most of them resent the extensive influence your on his gains in Iraq. And we've seen that come out in the popular protests recently where they have denounced Iran and they have denounced sula money but not wanting Iran in your country doesn't mean they want America instead it's not an either or situation and it seems like that has been one one of the historical challenges. Iraq is the fact that it is such a kind of convenient proxy for so many other countries and for such a long time. They're kind of at at the mercy of of more powerful allies. Who tried to us? Iraq is a form of exerting influence. And so it. I wonder if there will be. Yeah time anytime soon where they can find a way to to be more independent or to kind of get rid of that influence and be able to stand on their own. We're looking could you really don't Chinese. They're really really sort of broken country at the moment. 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