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Morning learning the Irish and we're about to pay bills again it is true that you will get your bills paid for a year I guess this is season five of us doing it for other winners already actively having the biggest bills in their life paid for an entire three and sixty five day period I want to ask you did you do a new year's resolution this year not a specific one I did more of like a I'm gonna take care of myself type of resolution for twenty twenty little things like consistent waxing and things like that like a girl yeah I just more like I really really like you know does really hasn't happened focus on myself in the last couple years without the pregnant when you're in that I had the babies last year and so I feel like this year I'm finally getting the thing of like this mom thing down I am in a rhythm and I feel like I'm troll back take control back thank you that's take the bull take the reins yeah it back so that's good I like that one thank you I whole bunch of but one of them and I don't come up with until after new years so it's a post new year's resolution resolution I'm gonna stop multi tasking so much I'm sorry with the exception of my way to Marcia breaks here I I think I would I'm hearing a lot of you know you talk about being present one of these we present yeah like when you eat I could I eat I'm always doing something else yeah we need to not do that we cannot be a phony to not be watching so we need to not be working while reading it's bad for you so I'm gonna try and cut back a multi tasking not what's going to my fish and see okay days like it one I don't know but I'm kind of over multi tasking tired of it have you started this already though I'm trying to think right now I have put my phone I put my phone away don't watch something when I eat now okay so that's the first step but I'm you did like a here's will happen out but ms let's say I sit down to read something as I'm reading something I'll think something else I'll get up and I'll do that and I'll come back to the reading yeah now what I'm doing is not letting that thought distract me from what I'm doing and staying in the moment of what I'm trying to do in that moment not not take a look if you're in the middle playing because they'll take a call nine if you'd like to think that there was you off away put about take control back it's really kind of the same thing yeah I love it tenet is there one that you're obsessed with I'm my whole thing is for twenty twenty one a level up in terms of like in every aspect so my faith my physical body my mental state I just want to level up everything from where I get to the next level yeah everything so when I I whenever I do something the water level pick out an outfit I wanna level it up a little bit I haven't had that belt I haven't been wearing my gym clothes to work this year well it's the second or third yeah we've done for thirty days so close on Christmas yeah zero you know I'll be out of my new clothes in our four days of new clothes it's a cut I like it and I like let's see we stick to it coming up next we are paying your bills in Ontario.

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