How to Tap Into the Magic of Short Helpful Books


Mike thank you for being this week's guest expert and mental. Susan thank you very much and I appreciate it all here. Doing I love your podcast and I really welcome this opportunity excellence. So let's just get right down to it. Mike Schuck. What's what's the difference between a shook and a book? Well I appreciate that question and if I could just take a slight detour and just give have a slight marketing lesson. I mean we all know that the marketplace for all of our products or services probably pretty saturated. There's a lot out of people that do what you do. And one of the smartest things any business owner or entrepreneur can do is figure out a way to be a different even though they're offering a product or service that other people are doing and offering. How can you uniquely differentiate? How can you be different different so that it appears knew that it appears different? A shook is my strategy for doing that. I mean there's a lot of publishers out. There obviously folks work with you. What we do with a short helpful book is say? Listen there are times when a short helpful book is the ideal type of book to publish and Using Your Business. There's times when a regular book is so we focused on helping business owners. Create these jokes and it really is just a unique different type of book book. It is a direct response book. We can talk more about that. They're different incisors different in length. They follow very specific recipe. But that is my strategy for just being different in this world of book publishing. I love this little short. You copped out for yourself Mike. I think it's brilliant. How could out wolf could actually use shook so themselves if someone is already author? Chances are the book favorite in is a more comprehensive prehensile. I typically called an aide Z.. Type of book on teaching somebody how to do something teaching somebody how to achieve something. And that's fine. I love books. I have a huge library. You'll never hear me say a bad thing about those types of books however there could be times where a short book a book that can be read in about an hour Max. That is highly highly focused. Susan on a very specific topic could be the ideal type of book so for example Bowl. I am working right now with gentleman who teaches other people about meditation. You actually has a brick and mortar location where people come in and learn how to meditate eight and he has done a lot of marketing content over the years other types of traditional books. We're working on a shook for him on one specific strategy with meditation and that specific strategy. It's literally this niche. It's a breathing system how to breathe for Falling Asleep quicker and easier. He knows that there are a lot of people out there that suffer from insomnia and rather than write a whole book on meditation. And you know all that. He's taking one very specific topic that he knows is audiences interested in and crafting a shook to that topic so that people all who raised their hand for that. He knows that's what they're interested in. He can talk specific way offer specific strategies because they raised their hand for that specific problem. I'm putting my name down for that one. Yeah Look Just cruise the manuscript again because we work very closely with our authors and part of the value is my two decades of experience of being applied to his shook and I told him I'm your ideal customer to there's times when I wake up in the middle of the night and I sit there and start thinking about work and he has a pretty neat little strategies developed. Yeah as soon as that sucks available Susan. I'll let You know thank you. All listeners. Have written that comprehensive book. Would you agree that there may be szucs cooks within that big book of their expertise. Yeah absolutely most definitely. I think there could be. I mean the example I just gave. Steve would be a similar type of example. I believe Susan the reason we even created the publishing imprint by size books. I believe most consumers appreciate pithy and powerful content. There is a time for three hundred four hundred page book but if they have a a specific problem I can't fall asleep or I wake up in the middle of the night. You're author has a solution that's embedded in their longer book but can be pulled out and extract attract in turn into a shorter book that can be read in an hour or less. It will just help other folks. That consumers identify. Hey that's my problem. I want that book and then the other thing. I shook that I alluded to is that. These are direct response marketing books so they are definitely a different type of book they are meant to get a reader from requesting the book to then doing something very specific which is the essence behind direct response marketing. You're making a response in a very very specific way. They're really sales devices. You know sales assets for the author. They can be used in lead generation. They can be used all different ways when we can talk about that too but yeah I think most definitely that you're authors polly slice and dice there longer books and potentially tournament szucs Youtube. Tellier about doc you'll recipe for a shock. What can you share about your recipe? Well I grew up in an Italian family so I have to bring a food metaphor industry in some capacity like my Italian grandmother who had all these great handwritten recipes we have a recipe for shucks. You know a special sauce if you will and sue them what that means is our client. shucks follow a step by step. We building blocks will building block metaphor where each block Kinda I builds off the previous and they really follow all shook very similar so they start with building block number wine and they finished with building block number number twenty three or whatever it is there are things in this building blocks. That are very intentional. There's very specific calls to action. There's very specific ways to introduce the book again. This was what makes shook different and really makes it a different type of book with a very different type of purpose youtube to about you can use it. Let's say for this direct response. Marketing sales talk to us more about that in terms about authors. Thor's these are often new to the whole concept of marketing because they've never had to do it before and so it's a little scary are- when it comes to marketing that book. How could this search tool be helpful to them? In Main Street author I referred for to what I call book. centric marketing and book centric. Marketing has been around for well over one hundred years right. I didn't come up with it. You didn't come up with. It's been way before our time better fact in Main Street author I show examples from the very early nineteen hundreds where off things things. A mattress company accompanied creates mattresses was using a free book as a lead generation strategy. And they did it for a number of the years as a matter of fact someone has reprinted that lead generation book and in the. It's actually for sale up on Amazon. Which is interesting? You know one hundred plus year old book. The book centric marketing for business owners can mean a lot of different things. My company serves the traditional business are the bricks and mortar. The main street type business owner and and those business owners have very unique and powerful waves to leverage a book. CENTRIC marketing strategy. Yes there's is all the online and facebook and all the different things that other types of subject matter experts and gurus can use but the local business owner has some barry unique opportunities that they can use a book and again our clients. The number one type of book they're using is a printed book. Susan our local business owners print book primarily some shoes to a kindle or any book some. Choose to do an audio book but this is really about having a book in hand that they can use in their community.

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